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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Clifton Chenier -- Louisiana blues and zydeco (Cajun / Zydeco / Swamp Blues / Bayou part 2)

Back again, just for a minute...
Cajun posts part two.
If you hate it already I suggest you come back in another day or so. :)
Now, quite apart from the previous post, this guy is leaning much much more into the Blues side of this genre. According to Wikipedia I present to you the 'King of Zydeco' and, FYI: Zydeco is a name for a washboard or rub board that was used as an instrument and was at the heart of this music! Learn something new every day. Here's more -
Check this story out for a bit of history...
'Texaco Refinery worker Willie Landry was working as a master welder/ metal fabricator in Port Arthur, Texas during 1946. There he met two fellow Louisianans by the name of Clifton Chenier and his brother Cleveland. Little did Willie Landry know that one day Clifton would be acclaimed the "King" of Zydeco music. In those early days, brother Cleveland rhythmically strummed his old time, hand held, washboard with "bottle openers". Cleveland played the rubboard to support Clifton's unique brand of emerging Zydeco music. The wood frame washboard was supported on Cleveland's neck by a rope.
One day Clifton approached Mr. Willie with a design for a musical rubboard, the "Frottoir" as it is known in our Cajun language. Mr. Clifton sketched the new design in the dirt, and asked "can you make one like that?". Mr. Willie replied, "I can make anything you want!"
More Here (Worth the read..go on)
Although Zydeco isn't strictly Cajun it is not far away from it and is made of the same stuff for sure, so a good example of the range of styles I was talking about.
An album very worthy of this page!
Have a try...

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I really hope you get into this one. Enjoy.


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Anonymous BBB said...

merci beaucoup

9/26/2007 07:31:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

amazing, simply amazing

10/31/2007 04:53:00 pm  

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