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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Didgeridoo Music you say? OK here is David Hudson and Friends and some Inkalesh

A Didgeridoo of the artistic nature.

Another one.

Hello fellow pirates.
Once again I am still struggling here and while the pain still kicks me in the guts it will continue to be a struggle but I hope it subsides soon.
Enough of that.
I was thinking, I'd like to just do a little thing every post here where I can say what, in my opinion, is in favour that day or week and what things I hate for that week. Then you can either comment to debate or disagree or agree with me...or, as usual, just ignore me. Indulge me.

So for today I'd like to say:

A huge FUCK OFF to 'SecondLife'.
Have you heard about this shit? Are you an active member of it?
A virtual world where people spend hours and hours of their time, engrossed more in their virtual self than their real one??
Weird shit. They even start businesses, earn REAL money, etc etc. Companies are fighting for real estate and buying up land and advertising space there too.
It just gives me a kind of sick feeling.
So FUCK SecondLife and all who live there!

Also a big FUCK YOU to all those people moaning about this and that of how Princess Diana's memorial day should have been spent and if Charles' new wifey should have attended etc etc. Fuck those people. What the fuck has it got to do with 'the public' (yuk) when it is a family service? If those cnuts really were concerned or cared for Diana then they would have known the most known fact about her: She did anything for her sons. Well, her sons wanted their 'new mother' to attend the service. So that should have made it an accepted fact. but no...these mouthy pricks were all over the news and papers and radio, condemning the woman and eventually she dropped out and said she wouldn't be attending.
I am not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination but I just can't stand it when people give their opinion until it harms someone else...especially when they should just stay out of it, none of their business and all that.
So FUCK THEM, Nosey bastards.
Hmm so what is in favour then this grand sunny day?
I am listening a lot to the new Stereophonics album, Pull The Pin, which I have to say is definitely a keeper. I love it.
Try this track

Seems it harps back to the 90's for all of us die hard Oasis fans that never quite got over it! So many of the tracks sound just like those old Oasis tracks...but they are great. Kind of with a fresh sound to them too.
I'll have to post it soon. Mind you, a very unimaginative Google search brings a load of links for you to grab it by. Try these search terms:
Stereophonics +rapidshare
(that brings you a page full of sites offering the album!)
Another Creativity related choice for my second 'thumbs-up' for today:
The movies by Ray Harryhausen!!
I never got around to showing my son, who is now 7, the great animation and epic movies that are: Jason and The Argonauts, Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Clash of the Titans and others...
So this week I decided to go on a downloading spree. (for a change).
I now have quite a collection of them for him to watch.
these movies are brilliant. Oh how people used to be sooo creative in the pre-computer animation days.
Obviously the monsters on these films don't exactly look 'real' in any way but their unreal look kind of adds to the magic of the whole scenario.
If you don't know about these films then where have you been living? Under a rock?
And, why not go and get one yourself... Try these links for torrents of the best films of his.
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad-1958
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (FULL DVD size!)
Clash of the Titans
Jason And The Argonauts 1963 PAL DVDR (full 4.3Gb Sized DVD)
or Here from Pirate Bay
Earth Vs the Flying Saucers
Oh and incase you don't know, he animated the original King Kong too! Have fun!

OK OK, I know...where the hell is the music??
It's here you impatient git.

I got a few requests for me to reupload the 'Didgeridoo Dreaming' post I did a while ago. Well I couldn't because it was just a link I posted to files hosted elsewhere...not actually uploaded by me.
I have tried to find that album but I failed so I looked out some really nice Didg' music and here it is.
Highly recommended I swear.
Sit back, relax...get into some weird meditation mood..if you smoke weed, smoke some now!
Then when it's downloaded, go on a journey.
(If you don't smoke weed then good for at least will remember the journey afterwards, unlike these dull potheads).
Let me introduce to you...
David Hudson and Friends (modern Didgeridoo musician who puts a different slant on the indigenous music of the Aborigines). Check this for info.
And secondly, but no less important I give you Inkalesh - The Dreaming Gate. Their music is also a modern slant on the traditional, it's hard to say if they adhere more to the older 'truly indigenous' music tradition or not. You must have a listen and let your brain cells decide.
More info here (though I warn you now of pretentiousness and words like 'alchemy' and 'conscience-expanding' ... etc etc!)
Speak to you again soon I hope.


David Hudson and Friends - Bedarra
Single Rar Archive] Click or Click

Inkalesh - The Dreaming Gate [2000]
Single Rar Archive] Click or Click
By the way, if you have ANY troubles in downloading these then drop a comment here and I will personally, just for you mind, see to it that I upload them to another hosting service.
I promise.

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Anonymous Inigo Jones said...

Hi HitMe

Just to let you know that Harryhausen DIDN'T animate the original King Kong - it was Willis O'Brien. Harryhausen saw KONG, and it was the film that inspired him to take up stop-motion animation. He DID work on MIGHTY JOE YOUNG with O'Brien, though.

And how are things coming along with the Bob Dylan TTRH upgrades, BTW? Looking forward to them...

Many thanks

9/04/2007 06:19:00 pm  
Blogger laserbones said...

Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and visit it often. Crohn's disease is a real bitch(Ive had it for years) I just participated in a fund raising walk for Crohns here in San Francisco. Hang in there friend.

9/10/2007 04:34:00 am  
Anonymous christian said...

Hey mate, hope you're feeling alright. Those movies are awesome...Loved watching them when I was a kid, especially Clash of the Titans, I'm sure you're son will totally enjoy them. Damn, I think I'll download them too! Thanks again.

9/18/2007 07:09:00 am  
Anonymous Nunes said...

Could you please repost the episodes of the 3rd season of The Ricky Gervais Show podcast?
I already downloaded episodes 2, 3 and 4, but the links for the other 3 are missing.
Could you repost at least those that are missing? Please?

9/18/2007 08:46:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the comments people.
I like to reply so let me answer each one..
Inigio Jones - thanks for setting me straight on that, I always thought it was harryhausen with King Kong! Oh well...suppose I have to be wrong sometimes right? :) I am really planning to upgrade all of those Dylan show links very very soon I said..bloody illness etc etc it's bee hard for a while now. But as the new season is starting!! I MUST get those old shows finished with to make way for a new Bob Dylan Radio page around here!
Laserbones - Thanks mate. You will know what I mean then when I am saying I haven't been able to update around isn't just like, you have a pain for a day or feel a bit's that whole body fatigue/nausea and then the harsh pain thrown in..and well, that's all I want to go into but,. you know the score. Like you say though, it's a bitch but life offers us so much more than illness so no point ever just focusing on that! I still laugh even on the worst of days. I do seem to be sleeping a lot more though lately... oh well I can cope with that!
Christian - Thanks again for the good wishes. I see you share my love of the good old days when animation meant more than hours and months spent at friggin' computer screens trying to make the animations look real until they look so unreal they suck big the new King Kong for example among other modern piles of crap!(I hate most modern CGI films...they just suck!)
My kid hasn't gotten to watch any yet but this weekend he will sit with me and watch erm..hmm...hard to decide which one to be his first!
Jason and the Argonauts is always good but maybe the seventh voyage of Sindbad! GREAT!

Nunes - You would not believe how many requests I have had in recent weeks for Gervais shows!!
The problem is, for the moment, I cannot locate the DVD discs that I stored them all onto.
I am looking and I will produce them when I find them ok!
Best I can do for now mate, sorry.

9/19/2007 09:28:00 pm  

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