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Friday, September 21, 2007

A few words & An exploding Keyboard!

Let me just say a thank you to all of you who returned and have been downloading the files I put up. For those who may have a problem downloading from rapidshare or some have problems with megaupload, others with I have just finished the second part of the new Theme Time Radio post. I have posted links to all three of the sites I just mentioned and also a choice of split rar files, single rar files and even an unpacked, uncompressed MP3 file at megasupload if you prefer that.
I enjoyed his first show too. Not too shabby hehe.
Still, liked a couple of the early ones best so he has to surpass those yet. I just love the episode entitled 'Coffee' and the one called 'Drinking'. Is it purely coincidence that those two shows are about drugs of some kind?
Of course it must be.

Well, no music post tonight but business as usual(as it used to be that is) tomorrow.
Sorry but I've had a long day on the old PC things needing fixed and shit like that; keyboard blew up in a wild and scary way the other night:
Suddenly, late at night there was a loud CRACK! and a FLASH of electricity from the back of the tower unit and then...all the lights went out in the flat. Obviously the trip-switch had been thrown.
To cut a long story short, it turned out, because I had moved the PC table a bit to clean behind it and hadn't quite moved the table(with the keyboard on it) as much, the keyboards PS2 cable was actually stretched to capacity and I didn't realise it was twisted and trying to rip out of the socket. Well somehow it musty have split inside the PS2 plug and just blew. Short circuited.
I find it amazing that all of the damage was kept within the keyboard and it's cable/plug.
It was dead and had to be replaced. Yet the PC had no ill effects at all.
Thank God.
(There is a God!!)
Naah, I doubt it.




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot man!

josh in mpls

9/21/2007 01:35:00 am  

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