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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kings of Cajun, Vol. 1- 22 Stomps from the Swamps (Cajun / Zydeco / Swamp Blues / Bayou part 3)

Back for a second to deliver the best of these so far!
This is the REAL stuff in my mind. That fiddle, guitar and harmonising voices that carries you off into the mountains or maybe around a smoky clearing in the woods surrounded by people dancing...
...with beards.
They all have long beards right?
I'm thinking French Canadians now I think. fuck knows.
Get some of this great music.

Kings of Cajun, Vol. 1- 22 Stomps from the Swamps
1. Les filles du Canada - Nathan Abshire 2. Acadien two step - Balfa Brothers Orchestra 3. Triangle special - Austin Pitre and The Evangeline Playboys 4. French fiddle boogie - Joe Bonsall and The Orange Playboys 5. Midnight special - Balfa Brothers Orchestra 6. Oson two step - Aldus Roger and The Lafayette Playboys 7. La queue de torture - Nathan Abshire 8. Love bridge waltz - Bessyl Duhon 9. One is a lonely number - Phil Menard and his Louisiana Travellers 10. Fee fee ponchot - Don Montoucet and The Wandering Aces 11. Old fashioned two step - Balfa Brothers Orchestra 12. Zydeco hee-haw - Boozoo Chavis 13. That's what makes the cajun dance - Ricky Bearb and the Cajun Ramblers Five 14. Hicks wagon wheel special - Don Montoucet and The Wandering Aces 15. Me and my cousin - Camey Doucet with Wayne Toups and The Crowley Aces 16. Mamou hot step - Ardoin Brothers Orchestra 17. L'annee tu partit - Ronnie Fruge and The Cajun Kings 18. Jolie Catan - Boozoo Chavis 19. La cravat - Cajun Grass Band 20. Lacassine special - Balfa Brothers Orchestra 21. Johnny can't dance - Ardoin Family Orchestra with Dewey Balfa 22. Sheryl's special - Sheryl Cormier with Blackie Forestier and The Cajun Aces

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Blogger Trustar said...

Looks like a hot time tonight!

Thanks for sharing


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10/03/2007 11:38:00 pm  

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