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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Album! David Gilmour - Live at the Royal Albert Hall [AUDIO RIP] From BBC Sept 8th.

Back again just to drop this album off for you.
I am sure you liked the David Gilmour show from the BBC at the Royal Albert Hall so some kind soul ripped the audio from that broadcast, all digital like, crystal clear, high bitrate encoded and...well...they did a great job.
It means you can now enjoy the concert wherever you are instead of only whilst sitting in front of the box.

Whilst I am mentioning 'the box', can I just I alone here in my opinion that TV is just a heap of intolerable shit these days??
Obviously I liked the show I watched on BBC but there is very little EVER on that thing to keep me interested. Personally, I find the net a whole lot more entertaining. I don't just go against the TV like a lot of people are these days saying things like 'you don't get to choose the content' and all that crap, I just think that TV in general, the stupidity of most of the programmes, the weak drama or crime shows, the piles and piles of absolute shallow crud that flows over from USA like some kind of leaking sewer outlet. (Don't get arsey now Americans, I understand you probably have the same kind of shit coming to you from the BBC's deepest depths of shite archives. Believe it or not: Most Britains do not like most British sitcoms.
They suck.
A lot.
One thing I did get into recently, well, quite recently was a couple of US shows...three to be exact.
It all started when I was persuaded to watch '24'. I watched it and, much to my amazement, I liked it. Then began an obsession of waiting, downloading, watching. Every week I would have the show within an hour or so of it's release by EZTV trackers.
Then I heard about LOST. Decided to give it a go as it seemed everyone and his dog watched it.
Damn! I liked that show too. (This was amazing because I have never really liked the typical American drama series...they just edit and film in a way that doesn't appeal to me).
So now I was getting two shows a week...bit torrent, download, watch then wait a week...obsession.
Then I checked out 'Prison Break'...more due to the fact that '24' was finished and I was desperate so I heard that a lot of people were watching that as some kind of substitute!
I kind of liked it so then I started putting that show on the list too.
To get to the end of this ramble....
Finally the new season of Prison Break began last week and I watched the first show.
This show is a fucking joke. Seriously, if you look at say, episode 101 and then fast forward to now, episode 301 you can see how they have changed a far-fetched, yet in some ways plausible series into what now amounts to no more than a comic book acted out by real people. I was more amused than horrified.
Either way I can't stand the fucking show now.
The thing is, last time I saw '24' I thought they had turned that into a kind of Marvel comic book stlye too.
What the fuck do they think the viewers want?
Or maybe I should be asking..
what do the viewers want?
they seem to lap it up so it is them that has the problem, not the creators.
Just look around the net and you find more glowing and positive 'reviews' of the latest Prison Break than people actually seeing it for what it is:
I hope the creators of LOST haven't 'lost' the plot too.
Now, where was I.

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Next up: Another video but this one is just the best you ever did see / hear.
Yes it will be David gilmour but that'll be the last of him for a while :(


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Blogger no1uno said...

agreed on all points above. Recently got sucked into Battlestar Galactica. Total mindrot but I just gotta see what's gonna happen next. I hear 24 and Lost are the shit too. Have you watched 6 Feet Under before? Try it - sick twisted dry and coarse. Glad to hear the Brits hate Brit-coms too. Anyway, great blog with interesting commentary and stellar music. Thanks for everything.

10/02/2007 09:21:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Thanks for the comment mate!
I must look out for 6 feet under...sounds just about right for me.
Battlestar Galactica would be just a step too far though...yeurk!

10/02/2007 10:30:00 pm  
Anonymous )SoFoS( said...

I don't hate all Brit-coms, I liked Red Dwarf when it was on and you can't forget the Legendary Blackadder.

There are a few gems hidden in the shite, but most of them aren't running anymore.

12/11/2007 04:47:00 pm  

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