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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jimi Hendrix - 3 nights of Winter DISC 1 (The Winterland shows, Alternate Version) [Bootleg (ATM 011)]

The next installment in the great -

'Hendrix Archived Traders Material blog posting'!

ATM number 011
There are many different bootlegged releases of these shows but the two main ones have the titles
3 nights of Winter and 3 nights of Winter Alternate version, plus the more well known online..which is an official release -
The Complete Winterland Reels and loads of other variations, bootlegged and other compilations that were released officially..
Well, after much deliberation, listening and trying to match track titles to info that came with them and the artwork also I have finally settled with the fact that what I am offering you here is the 3 Nights Of Winter Alternate Version set.
This has great sound quality and some of the great tracks that we all know and love - as all of the Winterland stuff does! The difference with the 3 nights of winter one is that, as there is a part of show 2 on the last night (last disc) that was audience recorded instead of soundboard like the rest of the shows (This is on both bootlegs I am talking about here) then the people who created the '3 nights of Winter' put in a different show of nicer quality on the part of the disc where you would expect the 2nd show of night 3. It is a show from the same year and it is a good show too. If they had to make such a choice then I feel they made a good one as we get to hear some really good shit!
Anyway my friends, those of you who gave up on ever getting any more of these from me here..this is for you especially, if you have waited this long, here is the first disc of 3 Nights of Winter Alternate Version [Disc One] which contains:
The Jimi Hendrix Experience at The Winterland, San Francisco, 10th October 1968
1st show.

Covers included are for the wrong version of this show! I am sorry but I was getting confused! Plus I had already worked on the tracks before really trying to identify the exact show version so I made the error with the covers.
The cover that works for all of the discs in the set will be uploaded with Disc two...very very soon. So don't worry.

101 Intro
102 Are You Experienced
103 Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
104 Red House
105 Foxy Lady
106 Like A Rolling Stone
107 Star Spangled Banner
108 Purple Haze

Remember - Files are in Rar archives~ Info Here, Winrar Software Here

Split Rar Archives] Part 1, Part 2 or Part 1, Part 2.
Split Rars Alternative 1] Part 1, Part 2 or Part 1, Part 2

Please do enjoy's taken me long enough!
Plus - these shows are bloody good...I never tire of listening to them.
Ciao !


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