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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys: Lonely Avenue (Rainy Day Discs) [Bootleg (ATM 009)]

Looking for theme Time Radio Hour?
Me too. I'll look into it.

OK. for those of you who missed it(or haven't scrolled down if it is still on the front page?) the next in the sequence of ATM Hendrix posts should be numbers 007 and 008. however, I jumped the gun a bit and have posted these two already so just click these to go download both of those sets if you haven't already. they really are good ones. It's the 'Villanova Junction' ones(Woodstock I believe),
Hendrix ATM 007
Hendrix ATM 008

Hendrix ATM 009 - Band of Gypsys: Lonely Avenue (1969-70)
Today brings us to another great 'Band Of Gypsys' time in Hendrix's career. A Jamming session with buddy Miles makes up the most of this album, I only have the little bit of info I can find so feel free to enlighten me. Here is the text I got:
'Band of Gypsys: Lonely Avenue (Rainy Day Discs / ATM 009 / 12.03.1999 / 1CDR)
(Outtakes 1969-70 incl. Buddy Miles Jam, New York City, NY 07.11.69 & 14.11.69 [Complete]) Mostly 1st & 2nd Gen'

And the tracks are as follows...
Instrumental Jam (JS21) - Buddy Miles Jam, New York City, NY 14.11.69
Instrumental Jam (JS22) - Buddy Miles Jam, New York City, NY 14.11.69
Instrumental Jam (JS23) - Buddy Miles Jam, New York City, NY 07.11.69
Honeybed (1-4) Session - Outtakes 23.09.69
Ezy Rider Jam > MLK Jam > Cherokee Mist - Outtakes 23.01.70

The back cover gives a bit more info:

All in all it's a great session. Very bluesy but you can feel that psychedelic edge to things...lots of layering of the music, building up and building up then breaking to a mellow spot, just enough to slow you down, lull you into a false sense of security and then WHAM- some full on rock! ... and so it goes. The drums are pretty good in this too and very clear.
The obvious change in style that you get to know when you hear anything from Band Of Gypsys is easy to spot on this. Great set.
Sound quality really is great.
Another gem!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent. All very good sound quality recordings. Really fun to sit back and listen to them smoke through that 36 minute jam. Thank you very much. Great site!!!!

12/18/2007 02:37:00 am  
Anonymous Mako said...

Can the links to this be updated. The links I've tried are dead ends. Or please contact me at my email

6/23/2011 10:15:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dead links - fuck off!

2/06/2012 06:21:00 pm  

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