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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Talk Talk...Talk too much

aHello again.
Internet access.
It sucks.
I had no access for a few days, quite weird it was too!
There is bad news on the horizon. In fact, it isn't on the horizon, it's right here and now:
I am now on a friggin' 40GB per month limit.
That is, I am allowed to use 40GB of bandwidth a month, upload and download combined.
That might seem like a lot to some of you?
To others it might seem impossibly small.
To me it seems impossibly small but ONLY if I were to keep using the broadband bandwidth as much as I have previously. I have always had the torrent program going. I mean always.
24 hours a day.
One or two reboots of the PC a week and that's it.
Bandwidth always being used to the maximum. There have been no limits at all on my broadband package but, the company that I loved so much, that provided such great service,is, no longer and so I went to the company that bought it out: Talk Talk.
Unfortunately I should have thought about this decision a lot more than I did.
I am now in an 18-month contract with what seems to be a great deal with free telephone calls anytime of the day, line rental inclusive, web-space and a five email addresses and broadband all for the lowly price of £20 per month.
That really is some deal.
Except for the fact that in one day I can easily use 5GB or more.
The other thing is that I have now had the speed increased from 2Mbit to 6.5Mbit. So if I was to have torrents etc going I would be capable of far too much bandwidth use!
Even for me!
I am a bit pissed off that I can't keep uploading to keep my ratios good on a few torrent sites I am a member of: I didn't have perfect ratios before this and now I won't be able to fix them. Oh well. I'll get over it. Might get banned.
The other thing is I will have to stop downloading Bob Dylan bootlegs and Hendrix bootlegs in FLAC and DVD for a while.
That sucks.
So let me get to the end of this post here...

All I am asking is for someone who doesn't have shit bandwidth limits, to download the show every week when I post it, then reupload it to megaupload or somewhere, then email the links to me and I can then carry on providing alternative links/mirrors.
Starting from this week I am posting only the one link for the show and that is at rapidshare which I know will be bad for some people.
Let me speak to these talk talk twats and find out the precise details of the limits and when they start from each month etc, then I'll probably come back and do a mirror link this week but I NEED HELP from one of YOU.
Let me know will you?
Feel free to grab this weeks show and go mirror it for everyone here who can't download from rapidshare..then post me the link at my email...

Thank you..
I am already looking into different broadband providers as I have 30 days of this as a trial.
It will be a trial too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents, this is going on all over. I used Videotron cable, here in Quebec, high speed no limit $80.00 CDN a month. They decided to limit my up and down to 40 gig and $8.00CDN a gig penalty for over usage (no limit to penalty). But there is a lower high speed that is $40.00CDN with a maximum of $30.00CDN penalty, the only glitch is the up and down speeds were lower a bit (10M to 8M up and 1M to 800K up). Sucks but what can you do. The other provider (telephone) speeds suck, service sucks not unlimited but with a package to limit cost of over usage. Now they are putting into place a limited speed for torrents, etc during busy times. The internet was the wave of the future but not here. We are falling farther and farther behind a lot of countries service.

11/10/2007 05:55:00 pm  
Blogger zhao said...

thanks for the great blog.

can you possibly re-up the Kwaito album Spikiri - King Don Father? I'll check back or you can leave me a comment... thanks so much if you can!

11/12/2007 11:49:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

I shall try to reupload it at some time in the near future OK. Still have to weigh it against my present upload limits and other stuff I need to use bandwidth for. After this month I should have no limits though ;)

11/13/2007 06:16:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hey anon from quebec: That sounds like shit you have there with the internet pricing...just like UK. Maybe worse for you??
Do you also have the big crap companies offering 'unlimited' etc that isn't really unlimited and has a crap or non existent customer service that you seem to always need because the service goes down??
I am talking of the likes of AOL or might have other companies if these are UK only, I don't know if they are.
A limit on torrents during peak times is crap but...well, I'd prefer that to an exact set limit on bandwidth. that sucks more.
Grr. I hate them all!

11/13/2007 06:19:00 pm  

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