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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Devendra Banhart - Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon [2007]

Hello folks.
I discovered this artist sometime recently...well when I say recently I am talking of during the time I have been doing this blog because I posted it on here when I first heard his last album and I thought it was great.
I really am pretty excited about this one he has put together as it's fucking brilliant.
All words that can be used to describe the tracks and overall effect of this album.
As for genre, that is quite a difficult one.
I just can't pigeon hole this album into a genre as each track is so different to the last yet somehow, it all goes together beautifully.
I really am impressed people!
Yes I did say that. Unusual for me I know but there you have it.
Is it folk? Hmm. I say not but I have read reviews that class it as folk music.
Easy listening? Maybe.
There are slants of every bloody style thrown in there and the result is a well crafted, almost immaculate work of art.
Am I 'bigging it up' too much?
I think Banhart has sat down with a few records from each decade since the thirties and taken a sample or riff from each one, layered and mashed it all together and then made it unique and his own.
The weird thing is, a track will come on and, if I was to hear it on its own say, on the radio or elsewhere out of the context of this fine album I wouldn't hesitate in stating just how much I don't like that kind of music. Yet here he has put together such a rich friggin tapestry that every single track, as surprisingly outlandish as it may be to the one heard previously, reaches your ears gently and subtly. Every track works as a part of the album and in the context of the album as a complete work.
The album carries every track, is what I am trying to get across here.
Even the tracks that I would normally class as a bit, uh, cheesy...they come across in an almost ironic and fun way.
It works.
Just listen to it and tell me I'm wrong then I'll shut up.
No I won't but you can try if you like.
Would be nice to get some opinions on this.
It works for me!
This is what I'd call 'music that is unexpectedly likable'!
Not only 'likable: fucking great more like!

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