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Friday, January 11, 2008

LeAnn rimes - Unchained Melody: The Early Years [1997]

Ok folks. Though it might seem a bit crap to some this post is actually quite good for me, it comes closer to what the site was originally about: Sharing music of all genres.
The fact that my opinion can sway either way never stopped me posting an album or a certain artist. I even posted gazza once. (if you know who that is shame on you!).
So I present you today with a requested LeAnn Rimes album. Actually someone by name of Kyle requested the track 'I will Always Love you' and this is the album it is to be found on. (If you have a requested musical choice then take a wee look over there on the right and leave a comment in the box. You might get lucky).
LeAn Rimes - Unchained Melody: The Early Years
My opinion?
A crock of sentimental shit.
But I'm a cynical prick.
My heart doesn't warm to stuff like this.
Maybe it's too cold from all the other crap I listen to.
Maybe I am just far too skeptical of open and unguarded emotions to enjoy music like this. Maybe I am just too 'English' to admit the truth that I really do LOVE this music?
Maybe, and this is the more favourable hypothesis, maybe, just maybe:
... the music just fucking sucks.
Yep. It just fucking sucks.
But hey!
Some people actually enjoy this shtick so, to those people I say:
Enjoy this album!
Hold your head up high and enjoy every track.
Always stand up for things you believe in!

OK todays lesson is over.
By the way I remember how I used to love that Unchained Melody track when I were a came out with that awful film 'Ghost' and coincided with my first ever EVER love. Teenage angst-ridden love.
Oh the memories of learning to really kiss like a man.
Oh how simple life was.
I should be thanking LeAnn Rimes as hearing the song just now took me right back.

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