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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stephen Malkmus & Jicks - Real Emotional Trash [2008]

Hello there.
I just got back from hospital today where they enlightened my soul with a friggin 'Barium Meal or Barium follow-through(to be more accurate)'
Worst damn meal I ever had believe me!
If you've had one before then you know what I'm saying. If not, why not educate yourself a little whilst your here and read this.

Anyway, gurgling and spasming gut-ache aside, I got myself another new album yesterday for you.
Hard to believe for two in a row but...I like it!
Not as good as the Banhart one but I know half of you won't agree.

This seems quite different from another Malkmus album I posted a while back, his last one (I forget the name). It's a good collection of tracks though and I do recommend you give it a go.
I find myself struggling for a genre once again here. Any suggestions?
It might horrify you to hear my take on this album but here goes: It actually puts me in mind of Progressive Rock!
I used to listen to so many of the old Canterbury Scene english Prog-Rock bands back in my stoner days. (aah the memories....) bands like Camel, Caravan, Gong and many other lesser known ones.
The first song has a very Camel like bassline and from that track as the intro to the album, I just kept hearing other riffs and basslines in there that were close to Caravan et al.

Some lovely strung out solo guitar pieces that sound trippy and exciting ... with passion and music that builds and builds on layers until reaching a crescendo...then gently carries you off. Some of this is very like Emerson Lake and Palmer. If you like this and you never did the 'Prog Rock thing' then go and grab an album by ELP or Caravan or Camel or Steve Hillage.
You just might like it.
Bloody good music.
Let me bow out at that.

Real emotional Trash? Far from it.

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In case any of you missed it, I found a lovely little (!!) progressive Music Index out there in the big wide webland for you to plunder. Some bloody good albums in there, go look now!
There are more Genres there too if you check the 'Parent directory' link at the top and go up one wil then see a folder for every genre and each genre folder containing a slew of albums. Be quick for these never last long!!


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Anonymous Fry said...

barium milkshake is yum yum. also makes for white poop! but it is pretty cool to see the x-rays of it. looks like surreal art or something along those lines.

i've been a fan of mr. malkmus since the mid-90's when he was in Pavement (great band). Going to see him live next month!

thanks for the preveiw of the album, going to pre-order it today actually...get a lot of good stuff if you do that

2/27/2008 02:31:00 pm  

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