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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mark Ronson - Version [2007]

Bon apr├Ęs-midi!
Todays offering may not be what you've come to expect around here but, that is exactly what I want this to be: Unpredictable. I realised that as I have brought you certain artists I have tended to stay on them for a bit too long. As much as I love Dylan, Hendrix, Bowie and other greats I am such a lover of discovery of music...that buzz you get from hearing something from some unknown band or artist for the first time, that is what I really and truly love about music. I have all my favourites like everyone but I am always trying something I didn't know about just to see if I like it. That way my musical tastes are forever evolving and encompassing what you might term as fucking loads.
(Don't worry though, I know I still have to complete the Hendrix ATM sets and it will happen over time!).

I saw this album floating around many places online so I tried it and, while it isn't going into my favourites list any time soon, it is actually a pretty fun and enjoyable listen.

A collection of covers by this guy Ronson who, as I only just discovered, is a music producer from London.
Why not just go and read the full article instead of my third-hand information.
He really spices up most of these songs with a more up tempo beat, sax or trumpets added and a good bit of magic that, in some cases, makes you realise the potential of the original song. Especially in the case of the Kaiser chiefs who I fucking cannot stand usually but in the context of this album they sound fine. anyone who can make those arseholes sound even passable is in possession of a great talent in my opinion!!

1. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Mark Ronson Ft. The Daptone Horns (3:12)
2. Oh My God - Mark Ronson Ft. Lily Allen (3:35)
3. Stop Me - Mark Ronson Ft. Daniel Merriweather (3:49)
4. Toxic - Mark Ronson Ft. Tiggers (4:05)
5. Valerie - Mark Ronson Ft. Amy Winehouse (3:39)
6. Apply Some Pressure - Mark Ronson Ft. Paul Smith (3:36)
7. Inversion - Mark Ronson (1:46)
8. Pretty Green - Mark Ronson Ft. Santo Gold (3:14)
9. Just - Mark Ronson Ft. Phantom Planet (5:21)
10. Amy - Mark Ronson Ft. Kenna (3:31)
11. The Only One I Know - Mark Ronson Ft. Robbie Williams (3:59)
12. Diversion - Mark Ronson (1:19)
13. LSF - Mark Ronson Ft. Kasabian (3:28)
14. Outversion - Mark Ronson (1:50)

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