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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pornophonique...LEGAL MP3 DOWNLOADS!

I just had to stop by and give this a plug as I love it!!!
It all started just before christmas when I got a hold of this 'chiron beta Prime' song and my kid son just adored it...eventually after finding the video someone made for it at youtube, he was listening to it, erm...too often (every bloody minute!)
In case you have been living under a rock here is the song and the video links for you:
Chiron beta Prime by Jonathan Coulton (He has a site HERE where he was posting a different song every week and this was one of them)
Click the song title to play it!

One of many youtube videos for this too:

....And So......
As my son loved this song so much I decided to try and find as many songs as I could with the theme of 'robots' or 'androids' etc...there wasn't quite as many as I thought I'd find but I was only searching for tracks with those words in the title so I'm sure there are more that don't have it mentioned in the title.
Anyway I will be uploading the final collection here for you cos' I think it's pretty good (and if you have kids, trust me - they will want it!) but not today.

As I was searching I came across more than one suitable song from this band named Pornophonique (yes, not the ideal name of a band when it is for your 7 year old kids CD collection eh!) so I eventually found their stuff freely downloadable at and here we are.
Maybe it is because I am an 80's kid..well, sort of...born 1974 and grew up in the late eighties, I have fond memories of things like Sinclair ZX spectrum computers and all that stuff. The thing I love about Pornophonique is that they sample loads of computer game sounds...I even recognise most of the games like Super Mario (That one is easy to spot in their songs). So maybe that's why I love this band but whatever the reason, it is a refreshing change to hear them.
I have since lost all affection for Chiron Beta Prime et all but that is due to a complete overdose caused by the 7yr old!!
Pornophonique don't give me the same effect. I have been listening to the limited tracks they have out, a lot and still no signs of boredom.
It would be interesting to read any opinions and comments so come on, don't be shy!
Any more 1970's kids here...???

Game Over is a great tune.


They have another shorter album too, go to
Go to for the page and also find a whole load of brilliant unknown artists.
I have spent a few hours there and it is getting pretty addictive!




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Thanks for the site, keep up the great work!!!

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