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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Rough Guide to African Rap - Various Artists [2004]

Just one more to go along with the previous post.
Now, if you were adventurous enough to try out Spikiri then don't now be thinking you are some kind of expert on African rap! far from it.
This is probably not the real street sound as we all know, compilation discs like these are never quite as good as the more localised releases. (You know what I mean - the compilation of bob Marley you bought in the petrol garage turned out to be pretty weak compared to your other albums of his you already had at home right?!)
However! I can't deny that this gives us a great open door to the various sounds that constitute African Rap and...I love it!
So give it a go.

fine. Go to this Amazon page and try the samples. at least you get a few seconds of each track to give you a little taster.

For those who are aware of some of the African Rap artists out there, here is a tracklist for you:
01. Right Here in Front of You (Nigeria) - Unsung Heroes & Ty Ft. Breis (4:46)
02. Township Dwella (South Africa) - Prophets of Da City (3:53)
03. Senga Abele (Cameroon) - Manu Dibango Ft. Mc Mell'O' (8:07)
04. Boul Fale Rmx (Senegal) - Positive Black Soul (4:54)
05. Msimu Kwa Msimu (Tanzania) - X Plastaz (4:20)
06. Eye Mo De Anaa (Ghana) - Reggie Rockstone (4:13)
07. Karimbo (Mozambique) - Mabulu (3:07)
08. Ni Wakati (Kenya) - Kalamashaka (4:10)
09. Liberdade (Angola) - Das Primeiro Ft. Dhamn 'a' Rush (3:34)
10. Djalgaty (Senegal) - Pee Froiss (4:34)
11. Madau (South Africa) - Trybe (5:41)
12. Blast Nuff (Tanzania) - Hard Blasters (4:37)
13. Na N'Ko (Congo) - K-Melia (5:39)
14. Badala (Mali) - Tata Pound (4:19)

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OK that's me for one day.
Still very ill folks, thanks for the well wishing emails too, it means a lot.

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Blogger blackfighter said...

password from file please

5/15/2008 12:08:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Whilst I totally appreciate your thanks and comments about the music and all the other things you felt like saying, I must only concentrate on the passord for now, if that is OK with you?
To get the password it isn't exactly brain surgery.
Look at the PAGE!
It is all over the site!
Here is a tip:
Look at the top of the page...then down a little...then, just right under the banner there is a line of text, it starts like this:

I think you may get lucky if you follow that text.

5/16/2008 11:14:00 pm  

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