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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Raconteurs, Broken Boy Soldiers [2006]

Hello again...long time no see and all that.
I wasn't fit or lucky enough to actually go to the Glastonbury festival yet again but I was lucky enough to be in front of the TV just at the right time to see something I considered pretty spectacular!
Yeah, really.
It isn't as inevitable as it sounds-being in front of the TV I mean: I rarely watch TV these days...I can't stand the diet of utter shite they feed us through the TV wires.
It stinks.
Big time.
I hate it.
Advertising actually makes me angry.
Maybe anger management would be the answer. If I lived in America maybe.
Over here we just live in our bitterness and stew in it.
Releasing it at weekends is the usual pastime. At football matches or in pubs when the fighting is mandatory.

The raconteurs.
Why had I not listened to them before now?
Jack White.
The problem I had with this band, or any band he was in(or with) in the past would be one thing...the word 'tosser' always overtook my mind and it was always a bit off-putting. He just..arrgghh! He just pissed me off.
I am so judgemental it hinders my enjoyment sometimes.
Naa. I don't agree with that last statement at all.
I reckon, until Jack White started this last album with The Raconteurs he was a bit of a wash out. Not quite hitting it. Always working away, always putting out music but somehow, something wasn't quite doing it.
Not for me anyway and I know I'm not alone in this.

So on we go to 2008 and their Glastonbury performance.
Did you see it?
Were you lucky person...grr...envy...
Would you like to see it in pretty good captured from digital TV, their set on there? (Let me know as I have it and I love it) - leave comments.
I justsat and watched it. that's all.
Fucking absolutely mind-blowing is all I can say.
They were so tight, reminded me of what you might term 'the perfect Rock band' or something... hehe.
Led Zeppelin used to do that.
To have a band in 2008 that even comes close (and admittedly they do sound like them too in some tracks) is just incredible.
I have been listening to them a lot since I watched them and it just gets better.
They really rock!

I am posting the older album for you here as it would seem the new one is everywhere already (I will post it next of course!).
So if you are late to the joys of this best band of our times then here is your chance...start now.
Good night!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Though fans may get miffed to hear this, I saw the 2-piece White Stripes in '99, opening for Wayne Kramer, and the WS were terrible. Most of the people left the room, and this was in Detroit. One of the worst live bands I've ever seen, but I do like some of the recordings.

8/11/2008 11:07:00 pm  

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