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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Raconteurs - Live at Vegoose, Las Vegas 10-28-2006

Hey Hey Heeeyy!!!!! Another update so soon? Posting them one after the other?
Me Oh My I must be losing it. Perhaps I am just starting to get it together. We shall see. I never make promises around here any more as I never stick to them right? So lets just take it as it comes, like I am having to do with the old illness these recent months.

I told you I was obsessed with The Raconteurs and, well, I didn't lie.
When I get obsessed with a certain band or music, I go full on into it...head first. Sometimes this results in my having a bit of an overdose and, if the band isn't up to it (hehe) then I can even get sick of them really soon and have to stop. Sometimes I have actually gone off a band that way and never liked them much afterwards - even though upon first impressions I thought they were just amazing(think, Jason Mraz...). I am happy to say that I am not usually this fickle. That has only happened on rare occasions.

Here we have a live set by my favourite band(!).

I wasn't there, I don't even know where it is but I do know it sounded great. They don't let you down as they, just like at Glastonbury as I mentioned before, put out such a blast of Bluesy rock that just hits me right in the soul...
Or somewhere. I'm not sure exactly where. It hits me though.

There is no getting away from the progressive rock influences in their music. Yet it isn't done in a way that, as can happen often these days, makes people run the other way and say it's a load of old hippy shit. Hehe.
No. The Raconteurs do it inside the complete package that is their whole Rock Music thing. Metal, Folk, Country, Blues and then some...
..sometimes so many styles in a single track, sometimes one track is country/blues/psychedelic and the next sounds just so much Pure Rock or,...well, what we have come to call 'indie'.
Whatever that really means but I think you get what I am saying.
Maybe I should say 'alternative'.
Anyway I love how they blend all of these great parts of music together into their own thing and out comes The Raconteurs. No boring and overrated White Stripes...and no Brandon Benson not quite doing so well either...The Raconteurs have been practising from what I can gather and they really are the ones to be listening to for your sounds of summer. These guys play so well together it hurts. The drummer is very much every bit as good as Keith Moon etc. Watch him..he is mesmerizing, he gets so immersed in the music.
That's all music is about in my mind. That immersion. that feeling that lasts whilst the music is flowing. When you are the one creating the music you really get to experience it like nothing else.

It's weird to be coming to the party so late. The astute among you (are there any? - people here I mean..hehe) will have noticed that this band I am saying is so great and new(to me) has music out since 2006.
I know. I think I may have been in a 'UK music is boring and USA music is just as crap' induced coma until recently.
I am waking up.

This show is in great and very clear sound quality.
It's incredible the level of quality some tapers accomplish.
This is a fine example of that.
You wouldn't think the guy was taping the show but I suppose, it isn't exactly taping like when I were a lad is it. know, cassette tapes and those rectangular tape recorder machines with the strap?

Maybe not.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raconteurs are fantastic groups, thanx man, thanx so much.

7/19/2008 09:55:00 am  

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