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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jimi Hendrix - 3 nights of Winter DISC 4 Alt (The Winterland shows, Alternate Version) [Bootleg (ATM 014)]

Here is where I admit what a fool I am. You might be aware of the recent Jimi Hendrix ATM sets I was posting?
Well I already said I was confused about the numbers and the artworks for each one but now, I have discovered more to confuse and irritate and, make me look a fool.
The Three Disc Set (As I called it) is actually not only 3 discs...let me just show you the copy&paste from the only good source I know and then you will be as educated as me on this subject..!

'Three Nights of Winter (Alternate Version)
(ATM 011-012 / 013 B / 014-016 / 16.03.1999 / 6CDR)
(Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA 10.10.68 [Complete 1st & 2nd Show] / Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA 11.10.68 [1st Show & Complete 2nd Show] / Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA 12.10.68 [Complete 1st & 2nd Show] plus Civic Opera House, Chicago, IL 25.02.68) Winterland: Stereo Sbd; 2nd Gen / Chicago: Aud; 3rd Gen
- This Alternate version of "Three Nights of Winter" follows the Whoopy Cat-tradition ("Winterland Vol.2" (ftbfs: B458)) of adding the Chicago Aud Recording from 25.02.68 as supplement to the available Sbd tracks from Winterland 11.10.68; 1st Show on Disc 3, instead of adding tracks from the Winterland Aud recording to make up for the missing Sbd tracks..

So there you have it. Even that is hard to work out completely but I think it tells me that the ATM sets from ATM 011 to 016 are all part of this Winterland set.
So I have now upped the rest of them and will be giving you the links to the sets up to number 016.
Due to illness and lacking in energy quite dramatically(!yeah I mean it!) I didn't listen to the tracks on these ones and rename accordingly. So you are getting them as a folder with tracks like
Track 01.mp3, track02.mp3 etc.
If someone would l like to tell the tracklist after having a listen through them then I will surely be grateful!.
Back to the copying and pasting of the previous posts for this set then!

The next instalment in the great -

'Hendrix Archived Traders Material blog posting'!

ATM number 014
Please - Read my post for Disc One of this set to understand why I have finally settled with the fact that what I am offering you here is the 3 Nights Of Winter Alternate Version set.
This has great sound quality and some of the great tracks that we all know and love - as all of the Winterland stuff does!
Link to be found here for a bit more info.

So, Here is the fourth? disc of 3 Nights of Winter Alternate Version [Disc Four] which contains:
The Jimi Hendrix Experience at Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA 11.10.68.

ATM 014 Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA 11.10.68

Remember - Files are in Rar archives~ Info Here, Winrar Software Here

Split Rar Archives] Part 1, Part 2 or Part 1, Part 2.
RAPIDSHARE Alternative Links] Part 1, Part 2

Hope those Rapidshare links are of use to those asking for them!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

whooohooooooooo I knew you wouldn't let us down with these.
cheers dude!

9/01/2008 01:29:00 pm  

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