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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gong - '69-'77 Anthology (Great Prog Rock/Jazz/Blues/Pixie music...)

Hello this fine day. Thought I would bring you some good old pixie music!
I went through a phase of just listening to progressive rock and at the height of it I thought that the best music ever created would have been created by either.
Gong, or Caravan.
Do I still think that?
Hmm now that I ask myself the question I feel kind of, I can't answer it in the negative! Hehe.
Yet I hardly ever listen to those bands these days. Might just go put some on now as I did listen to this one yesterday and a bit today so I'm getting the old hippy feeling back in my bones.
All I need now is a cup of mushroom tea.
Well, mushroom soup is close enough eh?

If the band known as GONG is a new concept to you then you, my friend, have many things to discover yet in life.
Weird music being one of them.
Download now!
Listen to it in as many varying atmospheres and conditions as possible.
How to describe this music to someone who has never heard it?..Hmm.
OK I would go for something like 'Blues with Jazzy melodies mixed with progressive Rock bass lines and drums that can trance you out more than any trance music you've heard(!), then there is the spacey sound to elevate yuour mind from the living room to outer space and beyond...hehe, I'm having fun now, surprisingly there is also a punk feel to many songs and that is my least liked part of the band to be honest. I'm a spaced out hippie at heart and they really do have the edge on tripping out journeys and landscapes carved in sound.
Almost stopped there but still more - then there is a French/chanson music slant that just keeps on coming into the mixture'. Not forgetting how it all sucks you in like a Pink Floyd-ish trip-style journey which can be whimsical and silly or deeply moving and so serious it can scare you.
Oh and the guitar riffs, repetitive or inspiringly complex solos: just fantastic.!
There, good enough description?!
Seriously, this is some very well crafted work. That is what I think it should be called...well crafted.
Better yet get their other albums if you really are new to them...I have posted them in the past but I will post them again soon I think.

Back to this album. A good collection of live stuff. OK I think it is not the best for a beginner to their music but some tracks really are amazing and so, you will still like to hear it I'm sure. (Does that actually consist of logic anywhere in that last sentence? Hmm I'm losing the plot..)

01-Riot 71 -January 31 Paris, Palais des Sports
02-Pot Head Pixies -November 8,1972 Angers (France)
03-You Can't Kill Me -Live in UK 1974
04-Magik Brother -1969 Demo
05-Why Are We Sleeping? -November 8,1972 Angers (France)
06-Radio Gnome -November 8,1972 Angers (France)
07-Dreaming It -November 8,1972 Angers (France)
08-Bambolay/Ya Sunne -Glastonbury Fayre '71
09-Es Que Je Suis -First Single-Recorded in Paris 1970
10-Hypnotize You -First Single-Recorded in Paris 1970
11-Oily Way-Outer Temple -The Hippodrome De Pantin, Paris,May 28, 1977
12-You Never Blow Your Trip Forever The Hippodrome De Pantin, Paris,May 28, 1977
13-You Can't Kill Me -The Salle Bataclan,Paris,May,1973
14-I Am Your Pussy -The Salle Bataclan,Paris,May,1973
15-Fohat Digs Holes In Space -The Salle Bataclan,Paris,May,1973
16-Pot Head Pixies -Malakoff,France 72
17-Perfect Mystery -Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway 12/15/1974

Okey dokey and here's the links...

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Blogger Shadrac Blintz said...

I love the dylan shows, got 'em all and looking forward to the 3rd series.
I'm also a serious Gong lover so thankyou for putting this up too.

10/14/2008 11:56:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hello there...thanks for the feedback mate. Well the first Theme Time didn't disappoint me so I'm going to enjoy this third series too.
As for Gong...I thought no one liked them when I saw how few downloads there have been of that album. Crazy really...if only people knew just how good they are!
I have their discography digitised on my hard drive so um...I will post more soon and maybe I can encourage some who have never listened to them. I could convert them.
Worth a try I suppose.
Cheers and grab Theme time, it's out today and I just posted it!

10/16/2008 10:55:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I too appreciate you posting this, being a fan of Gong for many years, but not having a lot of vinyl to show for it.

More would be good!

11/30/2008 01:54:00 pm  

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