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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Doors - The Lost Interview Tapes Featuring Jim Morrison Volume Two: The Circus Magazine Interview.

EDIT: Oops! Had to quickly change the title of this post here after I did a little more digging around and discovered the title was wrong...and this is actually volume TWO of such a tape of Morrison interviews.
(And so you will discover the mp3 album is entitled simply as the Lost Interviews - Jim Morrison which you can change yourself now you know the correction!)

Hello again, excuse me for updating so soon, I realise it might give you a fright but let's just do this..

Jim Morrison.
Once upon a time I was quite obsessive about this character. Probably something to do with that naff film by Oliver stone. that was about the only way losers like me and my mates could have hoped to hear about someone like that. The Doors wasn't really a band or subject that came up very often in the mean streets of Falkirk when the thugs were handing out the Lambert & butlers and swigging on buckfast or Thunderbird.
Somehow I discovered The Doors and not long after I tried Liberty Cap mushrooms or just shrooms if you like. Then I really got into The Doors.

How life changes. I'd crap myself if I was to take a trip now.
Hmm are they really in season right now?

I never knew this tape existed and now having listened to it I'm glad I found it.
Some words of(dubious) wisdom and a lot of rambling ... trippy rambling, if you know what I mean. That's what you get with this: A collection of words, interviews and rambles by the man himself.
Well worth a listen even just to hear where those lines were formed...'Indians bleeding all over the highway...' it seems it comes right out of a conversation on this tape, from an experience Morrison had when he was a kid. If he is telling the truth or is, indeed, sane.
Have a listen and make your own mind up about his sanity.

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Blogger Ignacio Esteban said...

Thank you again, excellent disc, best whishes.

9/20/2008 06:02:00 am  

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