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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Words of wisdom..well, Redirection sites suck, Hendrix gets rapid and Dylan returns soon to the theme Time Radio Hour.

Yes it is Sunday but well...

Hello Friends etc et all. A couple of things to note today.
First up is the fact that the redirecting site I have been using more recently,, has suddenly gone.
What a load of crap that is.
For me, and you, it just means a lot of links here will lead you to nothing but their new main page which will probably soon transform into some way of trying to earn cash from the sheer numbers of traffic they are now getting. Well that they will get for a short time until people like myself remove all traces of them from their links.
Don't worry, I have been there a few times and for now they are just using their main page to display second hand info from a well known release site - - and basically using their blog postings as their own!
I hate crap like that but well...this is the internet, anything goes and no one gives a flying f*** about anyone else.

That is how it goes right?

Anyway about those links, do not fear - on any post that has a link leading to there is also an alternative link right next to it which uses the other redirection service I have used for years now, which is a great spyware or crap when you go there, a good site for avoiding putting full RS and megaupload links on your page which, I think, is probably still a good idea although the merit of it is dwindling in my eyes. Maybe soon I will do away with redirectors and post raw links, see what happens with them.

I suppose second up is the old boring subject of my health and just how much of a facking struggle it's been lately. Yes apologies again but what can I do...nothing to be honest. It hurts, I feel wiped out, I do very little.
That's about it really.
If its too shite and boring round here for you then, its OK, I understand you leavin'. Hehe.


Now on with the show I suppose...
For those that were asking I have just updated those Hendrix ATM posts from number 14-16 with rapidshare mirrors so go get them.
Just a reminder too: If you find a post with links only to megaupload or rapid and you want the other site as a mirror then just email or leave a comment ON THE PAGE in question and I will attend to it!
I am sorry but I am only going to use those two major hosting sites now. So many others are just crap. I have uploaded a lot of files on other hosting sites and they just do not work. I still have a load of stuff on one called oxyshare and yet any time I go there to check the links and DL the files..I end up in a continual loop of clicking their ads, waiting for the DL link, then clicking to download the file and then back to the ads page...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
So, as much as I realise that megaupload or rapidshare do annoy people I am sticking with just those two options.
I also understand the need to hear or get a hold of some music when you are a fan and, things like some bootlegs or just a rare album, etc can be so good to hear and I know what I am like if I cannot get it or even get to hear it.
So...if there is something here that has links for, but they are no use to you, just email me with the details of the post you are talking about and tell me the problem you are having and I will work out a way of helping you to get to hear it.
PLEASE do not abuse this by emailing me just because there's an album posted from two years ago and the links are dead!!! I cannot keep reuploading every single thing that is asked or I would be constantly reuploading and never upload new stuff. Use the request reupload button on the right of the pages for re-up requests and only email me if the problem is because yuou cannot use RS or Megaupload links and you really want to hear the music!

Something else...The Bob Dylan Radio Show that seems to keep this site going sometimes, Theme Time Radio Hour, is restarting in this very month of the year!
so look out for that fans of the man.
Wow. This is what you might call a very long post right?

Should I end it now?
Probably for the best eh.

Off to watch tennis.
Andy Murray is doing bloody well in the US Open eh?
Surely there is at least one tennis fan reading this?
I think Andy Murray, as arrogant as I used to think he was, is going to be the world number one soon. We haven't seen his best yet I would say.
I don't have friggin satellite TV and so the only bloody option apart from listening to the match via BBC radio five Live sport, is for us to view it via a stream I found online, which is about youtube quality(!! not great for a tennis match!) and then I connect it through my videocard to the TV so it looks a bit better than if its watched on a monitor. Full screen, of course.
How I wish I had bloody Sky sports, just for the US Open!
Damn internet technology.
Isn't it supposed to be amazing?
Isn't this the age of streaming high def content etc etc?
What balls that is.
Mind you, after an hour or so of watching fuzzy, jumpy tennis you can actually forget how bad the quality is and just get into the sheer passion of the tennis!
I love it!
Not as much as I would love to see it in at least VHS quality..heh!
Call this friggin progress?




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