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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lou Reed

I hear Lou Reed has a new album out. Not that I would be posting any new albums here of course so I will just say that I was listening to it today and, erm, there's a lot to like and quite a bit not to like too.

What a review eh?
Seriously though I always find this with his albums.
He will produce some of the best good old fashioned Rock you could ever hear and also some beautiful ballads.
Then you get into some kind of comfort zone until suddenly you hear some shit streaming from the speakers that can make you want to turn off so quickly it almost has the power to turn you off of Lou Reed altogether.
Well thankfully, not quite.
I doubt I could ever be turned off of him as he is a huge talent.
Every album, I find a song that will really grab me and this one has it too.
I love the track Men of Good Fortune. It has all the elements of a Lou Reed goal if ever there was such a thing. The vocal just sitting there above the bass and guitar lines...his voice is so distinctive and the words so clear.
What can I's a great song.
Like on other stuff of his he talks a lot about people and situations on this album.
Stories and society stuff.
always womens names too for some reason.
(Maybe he knows a lot of women?)
Whatever, he hasn't deviated much from his 'norm' with this and I am glad.
All good.
Well, except for the annoying tracks.
I will leave it up to you to decide which ones those are but the next great track to me is entitled How do you think it feels with the unique line 'how do you think it feels to always make love by proxy'.
Check the links out anyway whilst you're here eh.


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Blogger RevolutionaryBum said...

Hello, Love the sight and I'm fully in debt to you for posting the TTRH shows !!! Look forward to each new show, Love Thursdays !!! Any who, about the "new" Lou Reed CD... You do know this is a remake or live performance of his classic 1973 LP Berlin. An LP Rolling Stone called when it came out "The Most Depressing album ever" only to include it 30 years later on it's 100 greatest albums of all time ! If you know all this sorry, just thought I'd make sure and offer to upload the original if you'd like to hear it.
Thanks for your selfless sharing !!!
Paul ///

11/06/2008 05:26:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hey nice to read your comment mate...
I was looking at what I had wrote yesterday and I realised just how it seems that I have never heard of Berlin before. I have but I wasn't paying attention too well at what I was writing it seems. I blame the painkillers, my head can be just a bit too erratic hehe.
I have always loved Sweet Jane and also How do you think it feels and to be honest, I thought I was more recommending these songs to people instead of making it sound like they were new for the first time this year!
About it being a depressing album - yep, agreed but there's always been those few tracks that are highly listenable and instant classic!
With Lou Reed though, I ALWAYS expect some tracks that I just cannot stand to hear.
It's as if he is on the very edge of what makes the difference between Genius and Fool.
Or is that me?

You have listened to this 'new' one though right@? The songs have been reworked so they have changed in some ways quite a lot so it's good to listen back and compare.
I still detest the same tracks though funnily enough! :D

11/06/2008 06:41:00 am  

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