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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A post for guitarists - Or did you ever fancy your hand at trying to learn?

Due to the absolutely overwhelming amount of feedback here I have been unable to post as I am literally snowed under with having to go through comment after comment after comment..etc,..
It's good though because I am now aware of just how much you appreciate Tom Waits and his older, less heard, bootleg stuff.
Therefore I will be bringing you PLENTY MORE so thanks again for the feedback.
OK. I know I'm not funny but one tries.
Fuckin sarcasm.
...great isn't it.?

A little bird told me the other day that, the lovely (understatement of the decade!!!), hand crafted, black with an orange (wood) trim that looks just ... erm, oh yes, the lovely GUITAR that I regularly drool over in the local music shop (like some nerdy teenager - I know hehe) is actually going to be MINE.
Mine, all mine har-har-har-haaaar.
I can hardly believe it but it's true indeed.
My lady, Her Ladyship as I will call her for the purposes of not naming her on this blog, well she let it slip that she has procured this very item for my Christmas!
Now, usually I would be all for comments such as 'Christmas is a load of ol' bollocks these days' and 'fuckin' christmas is just commercial shite' or even 'FUCK CHRISTMAS', but on this occasion I may have a slight change of heart.
I mean, come on!
Christmas isn't that bad!
Don't be a miserable twat.

To celebrate the oncoming guitar-laden virtual heaven on earth situation that awaits, I thought I would share with you some of the ebookery that resides on my ever swollen Hard Drive(s). There are lots of places to purloin ebooks on the net but not everyone is a google master (thank you, thank you) and also, I seem to have collected some ebooks that, when searched for now, are not around or easy to find.
So I bring you...a few guitar Learning books followed by a few guitar Tablature (that's songbooks with the guitar chords etc in them for you beginners!) books too.
I can't give you every one I have but I tried to pick out a range so there will be something in the TAB books for everyone I hope.
No actual music today but tonight is Dylan Radio Night so I'm already busy soon!

Now, there are a few of these I uploaded to megaupload earlier so I have decided to make one of those megaupload folders which, if you care, just means that I only have to post one single link and you will see all of the books when you follow it, then choose what you want from there!
Great eh?!
Well it is for me. :)


If you are a wizard guitarist like me (heh) then don't ignore this one. there are a few books in there that even the experts among us (me) can learn from.
Not all of the books are at the very basic beginner level.
Most of them are but have a look..
I will update this post with a short description of the books soon (honest!).
Well OK I will try to.
For now here is a list of the books in the above:
Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar +Audio.Rar (Beginning F.Rar)
Fasttrack Guitar Method - Chords & Scales For Guitar.Rar (Chords & Scales For Guitar.Rar)
A Modern Method For Guitar Vol.1 To 3.Rar (Method For Guitar.Rar)
Arnie Berle - Understanding Chord Progressions.Rar (Chord Progressions.Rar)
Guitar Chords Charts eBook
Guitar Techniques - Blues Position Playing Mp3 Tab Backing Track
Guitar Techniques - Blues Mutations Part 1 Mp3 Tab Backing Track
Guitar Techniques - Essential Blues Scale Licks Mp3 Tab Backing Track
Guitar Techniques - Rhythmic Displacement Mp3 Tab Backing Track
How To Read Tab eBook
Maran Illustrated Guitar (Learn To Play).Rar (Marill.Rar)
Learn How To Play Guitar - Stefan Schyga.Rar (Learn How To Play Guitar.Rar)
Total Guitar - The Ultimate Scale Book.Rar (Scale Book.Rar)
Guitar Lessons With The Greats [Guitar Tabs].Rar (With The Greats.Rar)
(The Above Comes With Audio Files Too And I Didn'T Have Them. I Just Found Them After A Long Search So Will Be Uploading Now).
Some Guitar Learning And Related Software:
Guitar Speed Trainer V2.3.8.4
Guitar Calc [Great Chords And Scales Tool]
Chords Daccord Guitar Chord Dictionary V1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These are including some real gems and I jest ye not my friend!
Peruse the list...
Guitar Lessons With The Greats (With The Greats.rar)
Elvis Presley - The Compleat Piano Guitar Chord Songbook (ElvPreCompleat.rar)
Eric Clapton - Unplugged Signature Licks (EClapSig.rar)
Pink Floyd - The division bell (PFdivision.rar)
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (PFMoon.rar)
Oasis - Whats The Story (WhatsStory.rar)
Oasis - Definitely Maybe (DefinitelyMay.rar)
Jethro Tull - Guitar Anthology (JethroAnth.rar)
Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers (BobWailerTabs].rar)
Green Day - Bullet In A Bible (GrDTabs.rar)
Chuck Berry Hits (Chuck.rar)
Led Zeppelin I - Guitar Tablature Book (LedZI.rar)
Leonard Cohen Songs & Poems (LeoCo.rar)
Linkin Park Minutes To Midnight (Linkin.rar)
Michael Jackson - Thriller 1 (Thriller1.rar)
Muse - Absolution (MusAb.rar)
Nirvana - Unplugged In New York (NirvNY.rar)
Pink Floyd - Early Classics (PFlEarlyClass.rar)
Play Guitar With 20 Metal Bands (20 Metal.rar)
Rock Guitar Secrets - Peter Fischer.rar (RoGuitSecrr.rar)
The Cream Of Cream (Cream].rar)
The Eagles - Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975.rar (Eag.rar)
1001 Blues Licks By Toby Wine.rar (1001 Blues Licks.rar)
Queen - A Night At The Opera (QueenTabs].rar)
Ultimate White Pages - 230 Songs Guitar Tab.rar (UltWhit230Songs.rar)
The Ultimate Elton John Collection (Elton.rar)
The Doors - Anthology (Doors.rar)
The Beatles Complete Songbook (TBeat.rar)
Pink Floyd Anthology eBook (PFAnth.rar)

Useful LINKS:
Remember - Files are in Rar archives~ Using Winrar, Winrar Software Here
Howto Download From Megaupload
Howto Download From Rapidshare


More soon.


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Blogger RevolutionaryBum said...

O'la, Am I missing something trying to download the guitar tab books? It's just I've never seen the link protection bit on here before... thanks in advance !

11/14/2008 05:32:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

I'm not sure what made me choose the link protector but if you have some problems with it then fear ye no motre...the links are:
Wow that one actually spells out CRAP at the end. well, almost.
I just think that having direct megaupload links on the page seems to make them die faster or be removed but if you somehow obscure them, they can last forever.
OK, hope that's sorted it!
If you come up with any good riffs then you must send me a wav or mp3.
I will set you a challenge to come up with something that I can then take and add another track onto with me playing acoustic over it?!
Do it!

11/14/2008 09:05:00 am  
Blogger RevolutionaryBum said...

=) Many Thanks !!! And I'll keep you posted as to any riffs from another Reality that may come my way ---->>>>

11/19/2008 02:16:00 am  

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