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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tom Waits - KPFK Folk Scene [8-12-73]

Tom Waits.
It is time for some journeying into the area of Tom Waits. Not the usual studio album journeys, that road is well travelled so I'd like to bring you some rarer bootlegs. Some rare, some not but all worthy.
Tom Waits..Tom Waits..
What a cool guy he be.
I mean is there anyone as cool as he?
I doubt it.
OK maybe, not unlike a certain Mr Dylan, the eighties brought with them a state of confusion for the guy and he did some things and released some albums that he maybe wouldn't have, had he not been swept away in the fun of the decade(!)

Was anyone cool in the eighties though?
I suppose there were a few now that I think about it. It seems to be only the folk that actually appeared and started to come on the music scene during the eighties, that were actually able to be 'cool' in the eighties. For the other poor sods that already had a good music many of them underwent a bit of a crisis of culture and identity which resulted in some very dodgy fashion decisions, ropey dancing and a fair few randomly awful haircuts and, worst of all, albums and songs of dubious quality.
Anyway this album is from the Seventies so you might well wonder what the hell I am going on about.
Me too.
Coolness, that's all.
So Tom Waits. The KING of cool.
Let's start this foray into his music by first visiting this bootleg here which goes by the name of: KPFK Folk Scene which tells you that it's a recording from the radio show called Folk Scene which aired on KPFK FM Radio, Los Angeles on August 12th 1973.
One year before I was born no less.
This is quite a stunning collection and is also interesting by the fact that it has a song alternated by an interview section all the way through. So you get a track sung live and then Tom talks about the track to the interviewer. Great!
A few good nuggets of info to learn about the songs you know(and don't).
I was unaware of the existence of this until this week.
Glad I found it.
The performance is stunning and the audio quality nice, obviously the FM recording.

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Blogger plasma said...

Hey, I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!
But as a Tom Waits fan, don't badmouth his 80's albums, he made one of his best albums ever during that period: Rain Dogs. check it out, you'll forget all about he clothes and haircuts :-)

11/04/2008 11:42:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hehe. I know what you mean...of course I have heard Rain Dogs and I have to agree, definitely one of the all time classic albums..ever! seriously, I love it and it was the first Tom Waits I ever heard and what got me onto listening to him and realising how much more there was to music than the pap I was used to back then!
But still...although I rambled a bit and wasn't specifically talking about Tom Waits or any album in particular, I am sure there must be some music he did during the lovely eighties that is regrettable...?
(goes hunting through the Tom Waits folders for something...)

11/04/2008 03:31:00 pm  

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