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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas, Commercialism and Britney Spears Naked pics


Well my friends, no sooner do I look around my life and it appears another year has drizzled by without my noticing it too much.
I usually am the type of person who, when it gets to Xmas, people jolly and all that shit, I get irritated and don't really enjoy taking part!
Yep, I am a miserable git!

For those of you wondering about the Britney Spear Naked Pics reference in the title, scroll down and you will see....

I have one of those unfortunate know, the type that tries so hard to sound convincing and sincere but, for some strange reason... I always come off sounding like a sarcastic, ungrateful bastard!
Imagine the scenario:
My friend hands me a gift and I open it.
As I unwrap it, I realise it is something I really have wanted for myself for ages and am so pleased to see it there!!!
I utter something like 'Wow' Oh this is great!!' and as I look at his face it is obvious that my comments sounded so sarcastic that they sounded to him, more like 'Oh great...what crap is this!'
If I carry on and try to sound even more convincing it usually just makes a deeper hole for me...
I finish opening the gift and declare...'no really, I have been wanting one of these for ages'
I can see and hear that it sounded like I was trying to convince him I liked it, when in actual fact I thought it was shit.
The look on everyones face in the room is also one of 'What an ungrateful shit he is eh..'
I'm sure you get the idea.
However!! this is NOT the reason I like to become Ebeneezer Scrooge at yuletide. The reason for this is a few really.
I detest the commercial aspect of it.
There is no traditional Xmas holiday any more.
It is ALL about buying.
Buy this!
Buy that!
Yes it is made of cheap plastic and won't last longer than by Easter but by then you can buy more crap!

Kids! Get your parents to buy this!
Get them to buy more!!

It all fucking sucks balls.
Also people don't get into the much fabled 'spirit of Christmas' any more do they...?
People are still as fuckin' miserable as ever in the streets as far as I can see.
Me too though so I'm not helping eh?
I'd love a return to the Christmas days of old times (the romantic ideal I have in my mind probably never existed anyway but I like it!).
A family, a big meal with everyone helping out, setting the table etc. A roaring log fire where we site after the meal and watch some crap family movie by Disney or whatever.
Then the alcohol comes out if it hasn't already and for the rest of the day people gorge themselves on their particular thing: Drinking, smoking, eating, more eating, more drinking...etc.
Then it ends with a few embarrassing incidents with drunken Father or something along those lines!
Oh and the gifts would all be wooden..hehe.
And the kids should get, in their Xmas stocking...a piece of fruit. And they would be really thankful for it!
Heh. Now I am talking absolute fantasy!!
Kids - fruit?


Do I have any music for you...erm, not really I am afraid but I think I upped some tom waits boots a week ago so let me see if I have those links.
Hang on!!
I just remembered I wanted to share some Jim white stuff with you...I love this guy. An album called Wrong-eyed Jesus is brilliant and I will post must hear it!
I am not very well prepared because....
I am leaving today for a week away to have Xmas with my Mum.
so this is the first Xmas for a few years where I have decided to actually get into it!



Check the next post for music. If there aint one, then there aint any this time.
When I return on Sunday 29th, after a day of rest I will post some great tunes OK.
Hope you all have a good time over the holidays.
Whatever you may do.

Fancy a bit? (probably not actually, those are guys! hehe)

The Britney Spears Naked Pics reference in the title?

I just thought I'd let the people come via google under false pretences.
I mean, they shouldn't be searching for such thiongs anyway.


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Blogger mrG said...

heh -- well, the thing about Christmas is like the thing about war: it's there if you want it, or not; your choice.

As for gratitude, thanks for all the tracks, man. No, I mean it. No, I really mean it. Thanks. I didn't even know most of these existed, now I do and it's all because you cared to share. So thanks, and get off my case about it, OK. ;)

A side note about 'commercialism' because I think it gets a bad rap this time of year. You want to know who started it? Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, that's who. Really, tho not directly. Ol' Nick loved to give anonymous presents and after he passed on, the mysterious Christmas gifts just kept coming, true story, and in his other guise as the Patron of Sailors there evolved this annual tradition that sailors on the high seas should come home for the Feast of St. Nick, 'cause Nick was a buddy of theirs and said they should. So they did. Only ... not having been home all year, the sailors wanted to bring something home, something special, something exotic and help make their absense worth-it for the wife and family.

Storekeepers were only too happy to comply, still are, but hey, let's put the blame where it belongs: Saint Nick asked them to come home and THEY asked the merchants for something they could give and a blossoming and economic life-giving mid-winter exonomic miracle was born. True story.

So don't hate it: It's truly rooted in love and family. Just don't overdo it and if the merchants won't sell you the exotic gifts from afar that you want, just tell them. They are, after all, called the Service Industry.

Lastly I always thought Brittney had a honking mug anyway, and hardly a bod shape to miss a bus about. I'd followed the trail to here looking for Naked Commercialism, and some cool tracks to new worlds of sound.

12/23/2008 06:01:00 am  

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