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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Micah P Hinson & The Gospel of Progress.. [2004]

Hello to you all. Today is a strange one. For sure.
I was reading some absolute HORSE-SHIT earlier, talking about the Hudson River Plane in the Bird-strike-Fall-from-the-sky escapades and would you believe it, some people, fucking moronic Twats in my opinion, actually have been carving out stories and supposed versions of the 'truth' as they see it. What I mean is, they want to find out 'the real truth' that the official 'cover up' story is hiding from us.
apparently it is a conspiracy and it seems there are two possible main objectives to it being a fabricated lie and the plane actually being brought down on purpose as part of a planned conspiracy:
It was simply to act as a sudden diversion for the public. To be picked up by the media, thus getting the Gaza etc situation out of the news and giving people a nice 'Hero' story to think and talk about so they are all happy for the Inauguration day!
Wow. I thought that one was far fetched and pointless too but hang on...
They were saying that a number of bankers were on the plane. Coincidence?
Apparently not. (Although it is also known that this would not be unusual for a plane covering that journey as it is where bankers travel to and from regularly - the conspiracy nuts declined to mention or talk of that fact!).
they conclude that either the plane was supposed to come down more spectacularly and the bankers die, therefore causing a huge crisis in the financial markets..I fail to see how that would have such a devastating effect but anyway, or they think maybe the whole thing was executed exactly as planned: Someone was trying to, and succeeded in getting the message to these bankers, that they were being warned or scared off about something.
Now you might think well..that is fucking crazy. And you'd be right however they go further.
They even discuss things like 'where is the missing engine' or 'no way a bird strike can do that' and all the usual nonsense just like the 9/11 stuff you still can read today.
These Twats must have even less to fill their days than I do, and I find that a bit hard to believe, but they sure can write a whole load of shit!
(Hmm..something else they share with me too eh...?

OK. Micah P. hinson.
Never heard of him?
Me neither til a nice kind one of you lot sent me a track in an email and asked if I had a certain album.
What can I say except I love it.
You know how some people just have that certain something that makes you stop what you're doing when you hear them sing.
Tom Waits used to do it to me. Still can but I am so familiar with him now I am usually singing along! The same goes for Dylan and, his early stuff, if I hear something I haven't yet heard, can still do that to me.
There are loads of characters that have this gift, if you want to call it that.
Leonard Cohen is the master of this kind of thing.
He brings a feeling, an atmosphere and even when he can be singing about the most depressing, tragic, sorrowful story in the lyrics, you still have a warm feeling in yer belly when you sit and listen to the perfectly poetic voice.
I would say that is a good evaluation of Micah P Hinson.
(Wish he had a different name though..does my head in saying that mouthful. I mean, can't the twat just call himself whatever the friggin' P stands for? Or Micah would be better than all that.
Sorry I obviously need anger management.
So here, for you, for one day only, excluding the following day and that next one beyond, is an album of his that is particularly good and a great intro to the perfection of his style...drink it in chaps and chaplets.

I always think - 'is it worthwhile posting a track list? but I will do anyway. I just think that if you haven't heard it then a list of names of tracks means nothing right?
1. Yourself Asleep Again
2. Beneath The Rose
3. Don't You Forget (Part One And Two)
4. The Possibilities
5. As You Can See
6. At Last, Our Promise
7. I Still Remember
8. The Nothing
9. Stand In My Way
10. On My Way
11. You Lost Sight In Me
12. Caught In Between
13. The Day Texas Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea

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Blogger eRRe said...

What I nice blog you have here! I just found it and I'm having a blast with all your stuff. Turns out I arrived looking for something from Shane MacGowan, but then I just found this album by Michah P. Hinson I've been looking for insanely. What a nice surprise. If you haven't heard his last one "and the Red Empire Orchestra" you should really give it a try, kind of not so dark as his previous ones but still thrilling. Good luck, man!

1/28/2009 06:11:00 pm  
Anonymous Chinaski said...

Hi man,

thanx a lot for the good work and especially this album. I am a huge Tom Waits fan myself, and got curious... And very impressed. Great album!



1/29/2009 10:43:00 pm  
Anonymous Management Dissertation Help said...

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