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Friday, February 20, 2009

Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour S03E17 'COPS& ROBBERS' [HIGH QUALITY MP3]

Time is a shit sometimes. Finding time, sparing some time or even just sitting back, feeling old and realising how time has carried you so many years forward and yet you still feel like you are in the same place.
Does any of that even make sense?
It does to me at least.
Well due to certain restraints on my time of which I will spare you the details, I am just putting this on right now to listen to it myself. Yet again I can't really offer any kind of review on the content of the show.
I could of course just read from the track list and then give my comments on that but ... wouldn't you prefer your own summary of a tracklist?
OK a few things about it:
I love Billy Bragg and so the inclusion of him into Bob's playlist is a good one for me!
'I fought The Law' by The Crickets? Have to confess to never having heard this one. Why didn't he just put The Clash track of the same name (probably the same song, I don't know til' I hear it), I love The Clash song. That reminds me, I don't believe I have posted any The Clash here before. That must be addressed soon!
As for the rest of the playlist there, maybe it shows me to be retarded musically, or am I in with the majority of listeners when I say - I don't think I know of any of the other artists/tracks. OK, we all heard of The Byrds so I don't mean them but, the others...?

I am looking forward to this one as I'm always interested in hearing artists I hadn't known of. that has always been the draw of Dylan's show for me. I've discovered much about the history of music and some bloody good artists.
On with the show!!
Well as you know the theme this week is 'Cops & Robbers' so, have a quick look at the tracks and then grab yourself a copy and enjoy.
This weeks show only just didn't fit into a 100Mb rar file. So, if you usually don't grab the plain MP3 one I upload then make sure to download the two split parts of the rar files. Even though part 2 is only about 450K! This'll all make sense when you go to the download page...
01 Call The Police - Nat King Cole Trio
02 The Highway Patrol - Red Simpson
03 Dupree Blues - Willie Walker
04 Against Th' Law - Billy Bragg & Wilco
05 I Fought The Law - The Crickets
06 This Crooked World - Freddie Hall & His Band
07 Poor Jesse James - Bascolm Lamar Lunsford
08 Pretty Boy Floyd - The Byrds
09 Bad Detective - The Coasters
10 La Muerta de Federico Garcia - Los Socios
11 Police On My Back - The Equals
12 Dirty People - Smilet Lewis
13 I'm A Lonesome Fugitive - Merle Haggard

Duration : 60:45

Total Size : 112.5 MB


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I've had a few emails from you lot recently and just let me say thanks for the kind words, it seems as boring as I think telling about how ill I'm getting is for you, there are people who respect it's something that is a major part of my life and,. as such, will be spoken about on here.
Thanks for the kindness, it is very much appreciated.

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I uploaded them all here,

Enjoy :)

7/11/2011 12:30:00 am  

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