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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Celebrate Micah P Hinson!

I am a firm believer in the TRUTH.
At all times, surely.
So it is perhaps that that leads me to always tell you when I am so ill and attempt to explain the absence. I mean, I could just come on and post some crap link to another music site or, worse, I could come and upload anything, write a load about it when I am just not able to get into even having a refresher listen to the album. I don't like to do that.
Every album I share with you I listen to thoroughly!
Either it is something that I already know so well that I can give you my take on it, or it is something new to me and so I want you to share in the experience it has given me.
Both of those requires that I am actually listening to the music and then writing something here!
Well this Crohn's Disease can get so bad that those options become so difficult to achieve some days!
The past few weeks has seen a serious downward trend in my health/abilities. The illness affects me that way; Slowly, slowly, over months or years the symptoms get worse..more nausea, more pain, more weakness and fatigue.
The weakness and pain are running the whole show right now so it makes it hard to do much. I am on strong painkillers and that is just another thing to contend with as they mess with your personality. Well, they mess with your mood, I should say. concentration becomes a problem.
So there it is again.
Crohn's Disease taking over more of a post than the music info!

Micah P Hinson.
I was glad to receive a few emails on the subject of my previous post of this guy. People do like him!
I still think he is a special voice in our times that needs to be heard. Just for those moments of quiet you can get for yourself. To be in a peaceful surrounding and listen to this guy is an enlightening experience.
Here are some more of his entries to the History of the World music repertoire.

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Micah P Hinson...
[2006] And The Opera Circuit
Single Rar Archive] Click or Click.

[2008] And the Red Empire Orchestra
Single Rar Archive] Click or Click.

[2007] Presents a Dream of Her [CDS]
Single Rar Archive] Click or Click.

[2008] The Surrendering [EP]
Single Rar Archive] Click or Click.

If you want mirror links(alternative ones) then please. leave a request in the comments.

Hope you enjoy the music.


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Anonymous P in the 'Hole said...

Blimey. Another MPH post. I'd better check this out, then.

Thanks (in anticipation)

2/05/2009 04:28:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Yeah and from what I saw it isn't that well posted around so grab it while it's here. Also why I tried not to do the post topic title as an obvious album when I posted his other album. Looks like the albums get killed fast by their company or something.

2/08/2009 12:00:00 am  

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