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Monday, February 09, 2009

Enhanced Listening, or my new love of E.ric Gales

Hello hello hello to you all this fine and rainy evening.
Watching the news about the fires in Australia was pretty saddening. Followed by a programme on the situation in Gaza, Panorama. Interesting yet so much sadness, again.
My own situation seems to be bringing me much of the same for a good few weeks now, makes you wonder what the hell is happening all around you when there's no shining lights or inspiration to feed off of. Then I remember - Life is but a pile of shit and we are here to see if we can plough through said shit, without getting covered in it too much.
(A great man once said)

E.ric Gales
What a guy.
He lays on the Hendrix DVD Rip I posted recently. the tribute concert that I have spent about 6 hours so far on trying to rip the friggin DVD to avi file without success due to its always coming off out of sync in parts. (I will overcome this so hang on in there with me and we shall be rewarded!!).
I loved watching and listening to Gales on that as he is just so friggin' good a guitarist it causes the odd dropping of the jaw and, to be honest, a real streak of jealousy too if you play guitar.
So that's what made me look up something by him and here is what I found.

The Psychedelic Underground [2007]

At this point I have to confess (could I lie to you brothers...?) that I emailed 'P' earlier today and told him that 'although I have upped an album etc for today I did it before listening to it and I was disappointed so much so thast I was now wondering if I ought to post it at all!'
Well that was yesterday right.
I put the album on today for it's second listening session.
I prepared a nice spliff and run an almost filled bath.
with the rain outside and not a little stomach pain to put up with, this was the best idea I could come up with. So I put the album on and lay back fully ears open, all my attention going the way of the loud speakers and his album.

The result, I am VERY happy to report, was that I love this bloody album.
How wrong one can be when one is in an irritable mood (yesterday) and possibly, not quite relaxed enough (OK -stoned then).
I'm not a total turncoat you understand. I was astute enough yesterday to note that there was just a bland sound of Ameri-Rock with a slew of tracks that just came out of the stereo but none making a real HIT or impression.
Well the same was true today.
But only for the first couple of tracks!
I have to say that, as this album goes on you really start to get the feeling' that he's sending you. You cannot fail to be impressed by the guitar playing on this record, it's as good as anything you are likely to hear by anyone. To say he has a 'bit of Hendrix' in him is not an idle suggestion..have a listen, he is up there with the best of them no doubt about it!

I won't be giving you any track list or track by track evaluation, why start now eh? I will tell you that there are so many influences that you can pick out as the album unfolds...Hendrix of course, Gary Moore with some real nice minor Blues, then all manner of American style Guitar Rock artists flicker in and out of my mind as I listen to the rest of the tracks.
I urge you to try this now that I have my new found love of this guy.

Oh damn damn damn! I have just tried to use the redirection service at (where almost ALL of the links I have ever posted are going to) to discover that the domain is sold to an ad/search company and the redirection is no longer there. So now I have a million links to fix. Fuck!

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Todays moral is: Fuck redirection sites...they are SO pointless and I am not amused.

Enjoy the album and PLEASE, if you download it, let me know what you think of it!


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