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Monday, March 30, 2009

A request ... Filled! You'd better read on to find out what and who...

Hello and Welcome!
I have now achieved what I was hoping for all this time.
No I haven't found a cure for Crohn's Disease.
Nope, I didn't wake up this morning to discover a high-tech recording studio complete with a drum kit and some electric guitars.
Nope I didn't just win the lottery or find a lifetime supply of cannabis.

I did however fix that annoying problem I keep going on about with the padding between he central column (this one) and the side columns.
You probably don't know or care what I'm talking about but let it be known: Loopyjoe, the chatbox chatter extraordinaire, is the man who told me how so thank you to him.

You probably expect a music site; one which delivers to you an album of music, would at least take the time to tell you what you might expect, or, as I used to enjoy, at least to tell you what they hated about it.
To put it simply, a review or something like it.
I expect the same when I go browsing music blogs.
Not something I really find much time to do these days, when I am feeling healthy enough to be on the PC I am inevitably browsing porn, music sources for this site!

Any of you who have read my shit before now will know that I am leading up to say I have no review for this.
That's all.
It's a request.
I filled it.


Well, a little detective work is required of you my friends, if you are interested in this mystery..
Click here to read about the album and then go to the links below to download it.
(You could always just look at the album cover pic in this post)
I will listen to it later but I cannot get to right now cos' she-who-will-not-be-named is asleep and I can't put the stereo on. The ipod is charging.
I'll post my thoughts on it soon hehe.

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OK I can now say I have become well acquainted with this album.
The verdict is a huge thumbs-up from me.
I really like this band and am now doing the usual scenario of searching out their other stuff, wanting to hear more.
So now I can most definitely recommend this album and thanks to the comment guy for requesting it.


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Anonymous P in the 'Hole said...

This is cool. Thanks. I have their first (2005) self-titled album (although I foolishly only ripped the first disc and not the additional dub disc when i was forced to sell it). So I have half of the first album, if truth be told. And could upload it and post the links here if anyone likes this one. And can't find the first one for themselves.

4/03/2009 10:01:00 pm  

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