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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's hello from me ... and it's hello from him

It's been quite some time since I was capable of this shit. I hope there is still at least one reader...?
Probably not. Oh well nothing like an online place to just talk shit and let the madness out of the head for a bit.

I watched a great 'download' - is that becoming a verb like google..? Not quite.
Anyway I downloaded a video name of 'Jools Holland ... Louder' and thought it would be good to sit and watch whilst my lady had her bottle of wine and me, well I prefer something that can be smoked and that grows naturally all over the world. Oh and the thing I prefer is ILLEGAL too for some strange reason. However, illegal things are never tooooo hard to come by. (Although it always friggin' seems that way when I run out).
Did I go off on a tangent there...?
So, the Jools Holland thing. It was a collection of bands that have appeared on his show but these were selected, I assume, for their LOUD-ness quality. Some pretty heavy rock from recent years. Not too recent...most seemed to be 2003.
Well fuck you, that's recent to me you young *!$%£*^!!!
I could go search the details on the Jools Holland show but, two reasons that wouldn't be so great:
1. I feel too ill and can't be bothered.
2. I'm not finished creating an avi file from it yet to upload so no point giving the details about it now eh?

So what AM I posting today then...?

From that video I 'discovered' or actually I should say REdiscovered as I have tried this band before and wasn't impressed either way so haven't listened to them again as far as I am aware (I am not always that aware though), I am talking about Electric Six. (See the madman smiling in the pictures)
Of course everyone has heard 'Gay Bar' even if they only ever heard it by watching the dancing kittens clip!
So really, to me now, they are a new band! I am now in the process of giving them a good ol' proper listen. I will report on the findings when the study is complete.
The thing is, as soon as a certain track started I was kind of mesmerised from that moment.
I just love it.
So that is all I am here for today, to share the song with you and just to let you know that yes, the site is still alive.
Cos' I am still alive I suppose..heh.
some days I am not so sure though.

The song... Danger High Voltage by Electric six.





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Blogger RevolutionaryBum said...

Hello, Not sure if I'm the lonely one still about and checkin' in on the blog ? But just thought I'd say hello and let ya know someone is still out here ! Been a visitor for about 3 years now, MP3@3PM was one if not the first music blog I discovered and it's been an obsession ever since... It's been a good hobby while recovering from cancer and various other ills, so I can relate to your situation although are illnesses are different I seance a kinship of some sort ? So here's to you and hope your doing as well as well can be !!! Thanks for the years of great Music (especially the Bob Dylan TV video series)
Peace 2 You...

7/16/2009 01:04:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice blog with humanity. Very rare, these days.

7/16/2009 03:26:00 pm  

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