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Monday, August 31, 2009

NEW! GONG - 8th Sept 1975 -Marquee Club,London **UPGRADE** (Cleaned and fixed) FLAC

Before we launch into Bob Marley Bliss here is a choice nugget for any hippies out there that are still clinging onto the (laughable) ideal that just a cloud of smoke really when you think about it. That is assuming you can still think and are not a vegetable due to too many mushies
This is a great line-up of the ever mutating and evolving band known as Gong. I always loved it when the worlds BEST guitarist was playing with them, he is for me, the gong sound.
I am talking of Steve Hillage of course.
Beats that twat Hendrix hands down! Hehe.
What you are getting here is an old post but with new links of a cleaned up, better version of this show. It was never great quality anyway but some very nice people have taken the time and effort to improve it considerably so I bring this new improved version to you now.

Woohoooo! Not long until I go see them play in November!
If I could tape it I would.
I have no means or knowledge so I can't!

Track List
1) Intro (1:34)
2) Aftaglid (15:28)
3) Tuning (1:39)
4) Oily Way > 6/8 (8:12)
5) Tuning (1:21)
6) Solar Musick Suite (20:25)
7) Bambooji (9:45)
8) The Isle Of Everywhere (10:27)
9) Get It Inner (3:25)

1) Tuning (1:21)
2) Wingful Of Eyes (7:19)
3) The Salmon Song (10:11)

Enjoy this.
Some parts are of dubious quality but overall it is a rare and enjoyable glimpse into an old live show from 'Planet Gong'.
UPDATE: This is definitely BETTER than the link that used to be posted here as this upgrade really sounds improved but, still, there are poor quality parts.

FLAC Files.
The show is in 5 rar file parts.
They are all uploaded to Rapidshare and Megaupload.
Total size = 477MB
All Links are in the following...oh and links are interchangeable.



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Re-Upped! David Bowie - Live At The Kit Kat Club, NY [Nov 1999] ++GREAT SHOW!!++

Sorry but no time tonight after a long day of feeling ill.
I have been letting this thing upload all day for you so here's a great album and I just love it.
I feel that Bowies voice is too often underrated or overlooked so please, if you are not a fan, try this out!!
Just give it a chance and listen!!
this is a very mellow and relaxed show and Bowie is in fine voice and mood.
It's just sweet!
The opening track is a stunning version of Life on Mars ... he proves why he is still one of the top performers and still going strong on that track alone. The rest of the show unfolds like a flower on a lily in the centre of a cool, calm pond.
Wow, poetic or what.

Here is a page with images of this very gig for you to peruse...
Oh and another thing...want some cover art for this one??
The only cover I could find is erm...Baaaad. I will be creating CD Cover for it soon so I'll post it if anyone wants it too.

Er.. bye then.


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Re-Ripped! Carmen - Maria Callas - Bizet [FLAC] [3 Disc+Scans]

Hello my friends...
Now, you may remember not too long ago that I was harping on about going to the opera with my good lady who cannot be named...? We went to Brighton Theatre Royal and we watched 'Carmen' which was an incredible experience..the music was fantastic and almost as good as the many pretty women with cleavage showing dresses on, running all over the stage all night!
The music was better.

Well did you not wonder that one day, I may have to inflict said music on you...? Surely you didn't think I would skip over it?
Ahaa! You were wrong!
Here it is, just for you that hates opera...the best version I could find. If you have better then get sharing it with us all and let me know in the comments!!

! ! ! NEWS FLASH ! ! !
I have finally finished this...
I got the 3 disc set from my local library and ripped it with Exact Audio Copy to FLAC files...
It is now uploaded to Rapidshare and megaupload so pick your favourite and go get it.
Actually, even if I do say so myself, my rip sounds better than the one I had here before.
Plus there isn't a track missing on this one!

I can even furnish you with a bit more detail this time too.

Maria Callas - Georges Prêtre & Orchestre du Thèatre National de l'Opera de Paris
Carmen (Callas, Gedda, Guiot, Massard) - Georges Bizet (1875)

Recorded in 1964 in Paris.
Discs : 3 CDs
Format: FLAC
Size: 729Mb in Total
Scans of covers & Booklet included.

I don't really think a track list is required for something like this.
correct me if I am wrong as I am going to trust my instinct and restrain myself from using google to find out.
Google has become like an all knowing god these days.
I must resist!

So yeah, that's about it.
I really hope you enjoy this and I urge you to try it if it's new to you.
this is coming from someone who would readily take the piss out of opera not too long ago.
Yet this is just ... it's great.

Remember - Files are in Rar archives~ Using Winrar, Winrar Software Here
Howto Download From Megaupload
Howto Download From Rapidshare

All three discs links are listed on the following sites.
(NO malware or anything, just simple sites to paste the links into).
Very useful so ?I may just use them for posts of multiple links from now on.
If it bothers you for some reason, let me know!
Also - I have started to include instructions on how to repair a rar file, inside the rar comment. So, if you get an error opening a set of files, please just read the comment in the rar file and you will be able to fix it in no time. All my files now have a recovery record which means they are fixable should they become corrupt at RS or megaupload.
I stopped using a password too.
It just complicates that which should be simple!




There was the odd comment coming in to say that the rar file for part 3 of CD3 was corrupt. I downloaded it and sure enough, it was. However, more of you NEED TO LEARN how to repair a rar file. All my files use the recovery record feature in rar files and I downloaded this corrupt file, repaired it in winrar and, it was working fine!
So I should probably make a video tutorial on how to repair recoverable rar files as it is a brilliant feature which saves you a lot of messing about trying to redownload a corrupt file and it not working! When you know how to do the repair then you can usually fix 9 out of 10 'bad downloads'.

If you liked this, leave a comment!


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Monday, August 10, 2009

Time to buy a Rapidshare Premium Account...?

Hello again. This post is entirely about YOU buying yourself a premium Rapidshare account so that I can gain the commission from referring you. There. I make no bvones about it my friend.
Now, does that mean I am going to go on and on about the amazing virtue of having a premium account whilst actually thinking it's a load of bull?
I would never talk about something and promote something I thought was a load of shit. The ads at the side notwithstanding, I don't have complete control over their content so take those with a pinch. If I am to mention something in a post then rest assured it is because I think it is worthy of such promotion.

So why is rapidshare so worthy all of a sudden?
It isn't 'all of a sudden' actually. I have been using a premium account in RS for a while now. I somehow manage to keep it going by various methods which include my posts here and also posting some files up to avaxhome or other sites where they will get a large number of downloads which, in turn gives me download points which add up and can be exchanged for an extension on my premium account. I usually manage to get enough for when the renewal time comes around but if I don't then I use the donations here to renew it via paypal.

What I am asking you today is simple.
If you do not have a premium account but you do make use of Rapidshare and download a lot, let me tell you, having a premium account really is a boon. It's the place I download probably 80% of all the music or other stuff I download. It has become HUGE and everyone knows now that the easiest way to find ANYTHING online is to simply search for the word you are looking for and add +rapidshare into google.
I used to use different methods to enable me to use free rapidshare and use it like the premium service. It worked fine. Sometimes it was a lot of hassles but generally I could get it to work and would queue up downloads and leave them overnight etc to be brought to my HDD without me having to buy a premium account.
The program I used, USD eventually became crap. It was pretty much abandoned by its original developer, the alternative program, rapget also became a bit of abandon-ware too. both programs are still kept going through a Russian warez forum but to be honest it really isn't worth all the messing about trying to decode Captcha codes, trading different captcha servers, etc etc. I got tired of it so I bought a premium account and after that...I haven't looked back.
I don't have cash. I don't have hardly enough to get by some weeks but if I can manage to get enough points then I keep my premium account.
OK I suppose I should get to the end of this at some point today :)

So if you would like to buy yourself a premium account then all I ask is that you use my link to do so. This gives me a small return commission on your initial outlay.
In this way I can hopefully increase the 'donations' amount here because I am really short of cash lately and, not being well enough to update the site as I used to, the donations have pretty much dropped off. Not that I use the donations for living!
The actual point of the donations is this: I wish to marry my girlfriend in Tromsø, Norway, land of the midnight sun and we plan to go there and get married when the sun is not in the sky.

We hope to be able to visit the very North and see the Northern Lights too as my girlfriend would love to see them. I know this is something that she would really love and I must make it happen.
So, I cant work and seem to be unable to earn from home. I would like to be the one to pay for this wedding as my girlfriend is the one who works, obviously, so I feel that I never am the one to pay for things.
I know this is not exactly, 'earning' but it is something I am doing on my own to finance something important in our lives.
It hurts me a bit that I am unable to work and earn and just pay for it in the normal way. Life is as it is though so you do what you can do and live with it.
I'm rambling as bit again eh...?

OK lets finish this now.
Thinking of a Rapidshare Premium Account?
Please use THIS LINK to buy one.
Thank you.
Music coming later today :)


I will continue to upload primarily to Rapidshare and Megaupload too. I will however try to add a third mirror where possible or if a file is particularly busy and people want alternatives. All I am saying is - Don't worry! I am not going to start only posting to RS or something. I like to try and earn the points and referrals if I can but the music is still more important around here. If you can't download the music I post then there is no point.
I do actually want you to HEAR it you know!



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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning Video

It's been a while since I heard anything of the Arctic Monkeys. What about you?
Obviously in their absence they would have grown up a bit since their schoolboy looking days when they released their first album.
I saw this video online the other day and I was quite surprised...The song sounds nothing like their previous stuff. Then there is their appearance which has changed a lot too. they seem to be going through a bit of a grow your hair long phase...
What bothers me is that I just can't get into this song much at all. It makes me wonder if they don't know what to write about already. Most of their old songs are about situations on the streets up North where they are from. Maybe they don't get much of those experiences any more.
whatever, seems to me like this grand and overblown song is a bit shit. Seems to me like a band trying too hard to be too amazing...I mean, look at the video!
It sucks.
I hope they find a better direction soon...

Check out the video of the track...sorry I didn't upload it to youtube as the format was wrong ... then I converted it to avi and sent it to youtube and the aspect ratio looked awful on there...all squished. so I just uploaded the damn thing to some filehosts.

Remember - Files are in Rar archives~ Using Winrar, Winrar Software Here
Howto Download From Megaupload
Howto Download From Rapidshare

Single Rar Archive] Click.
Single Rar Alternative 1] Click.
Single Rar Alternative 2] Click.

I have some good music to post up very soon.
I'll try get a bit more active.


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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Paolo Nutini, John Cale & Electric Six

Just a flying visit to post a couple of video clips I just upped to youtube.
These are on the Jools Holland Rip I posted so if you were wanting these as avi files, you could always cut them out of the full show I posted or, if you really want them and can't do it, let me know and I will just upload the cut tracks as avi files to a filehost.

Been very unwell of late.
I feel better today so things are looking up it seems.
We shall see. If it works out tomorrow I'll do an update I've been wanting to do for ages...

Watched Paolo Nutini playing on Jonathan Ross TV show in UK and it was just amazing.
I should be ashamed to admit this but, as I think of myself as some kind of music guy and, yep, I hadn't heard the song and have never even bothered to give Nutini a proper listen. I remember getting an album in 2006 probably and right away just saying it was shit and I never even posted it here as far as I know!
Yet when I saw him on this show and the performance being so incredible and captivating, I realised the error of my ways hehe.
I went and found some of his music and more on video.
I now think he's pretty special. His talent is obvious, his music is different and has so many influences that you can sit and try to pick out of every song you hear...he is rooted in the old days. Jazz, blues, folk and there's such a hint of the Scottish style songs of storytelling that you find a lot in bands like The Corries etc..
Anyway here is the performance I'm talking about:


Next up well ... no surprises here really, it just took me so damn long to get it uploaded!

Electric six Danger: High Voltage in glorious technicolour just for you...have fun!


I saved the best til' last!
John Cale doing Venus In Furs and what a voice.

Get into it.


More soon



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