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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pink floyd - Azimuth Coordinator 3 Parts (6 Discs) & the Tale of The Dog Bite ...

Hello and good evening.
I got bitten by a dog about two weeks ago now.
It was pretty terrifying. Just walking across the road with my 9yr old kid and felt this collie sink its teeth into my left leg on the thigh. Pain ensued as I tried to free my leg and the dog was growling like it had rabies or something.
I spent the next three or four minutes wrestling and trying to get the bast'd thing off my leg and it wasn't trying to make it an easy game...
Eventually I pulled my leg toward my body whilst pushing the dogs neck/head away and telling the young girl holding the lead to 'PULL NOW' just at that same time, and it was free.
The result was a bit of a chunk out of my leg.

I have censored the pic below but, feel free to click on it to open in a new window, the wound, uncut. Hehe.
If you are eating, don't bother.
You don't need to see this.
No one does.

The music today is a rare treat. Ok I know, it is in MP3 and not FLAC but this is great to have for the personal MP3 player so grab it.
Pink floyd - The Azimuth Coordinator Discs.
1975 - 1980

Or in slightly more detail, three shows released as a 3 disc set:
WISH YOU WERE HERE - Vancouver, B.C, April 8th 1975.
ANIMALS - Montreal, Quebec, July 6th, 1977.
THE WALL - Los Angeles, USA, February 7th, 1980.

As the titles suggest, each show plays the tracks from those albums they are named after.
Click the image below to see it enlarged, showing the track lists.

Techy Speccys
Genre : Psychedelic Rock
Supplier/Ripper : HitMeWithIt
Date Posted : 21/10/2009
Format : LAME 3.98
Bitrate : VBR 256K/s~320K/s
KHz : 44100Hz
Channels : Joint Stereo
ID3 Tag : ID3v2.3

The more musically addicted of you - or those who do not know the magic of the portable MP3 player, may be asking WHY 128K? Why no FLAC?
Leave a comment here and tell me about it. I have the FLAC too.

I just like to share a scene released version of stuff sometimes as they do a great job on a rip
and to be honest, in the ipod this sounds great.

UPDATE! - I re-ripped the FLAC files to a higher bitrate MP3. those scene release MP3s were just too low. I think they sound OK but 128K? Naa.
So now I bring you the COMPLETE set of 6 discs, ripped to HQ VBR 256-320K MP3.

I'll leave the review to the one I read myself. I'm shite at describing music sometimes and tonight is one of those times.
It's Pink Floyd, it's great friggin' music, the quality is nice for a bootleg.

On the Animals show:
This was the last show of the 'In The Flesh' Tour where Roger gets upset a couple of times.
At 'Pigs On The Wing' a fire cracker goes off (and not for the first time) which makes Roger so angry that he stops playing and tries to put an end to it by speaking the famous words: 'Oh for fuck sake [...] I'm trying to sing a song'.

Later on in the show, Roger allegedly spat a fan in the face ("Who was told not to spit on the fans" :-).)

David Gilmour apparently wasn't too pleased with this performance but he surely was wrong.

The show was awesome. One (if not THE) best versions of Pigs.
Steaming and powerful.
Roger can clearly be heard shouting the numbers (90 and 61)
Not just for the events that took place, but also from a musical point of view, this show is highly recommended.
On the Wish You Were Here show:
The crowd certainly was in an evil mood that night, you can tell
by listening to this record. Nevertheless, it makes for a showcase
of Floyd at the height of its power (save some of the vocals, as usual).
There is some remarkable, moody intensity saturating the event.
Much has been said about the show, climaxing with the final,
feverish rendition of Shine On You Crazy Diamond parts 6-9.
I would only like to mention David Gilmour, who for me reaches his
crowning event in the midst of the maelstrom of this concert.
Just listen for yourselves.
The pre-Comfortably Numb Gilmour's finest hour. -ANON

You still here?

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Split Rars]
Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5

Disc 6

I dropped the password too and am even considering using 7-zip or some other open source compression instead of this cracked Winrar all the's boring, always updating..

If so then go and install Greasemonkey add-on which then enables you to do some great tricks for downloading files like these..
Now install the script for greasemonkey, called Rapidshare Links Checker. The task of this fine software and script is to make all megaupload and rapidshare links automatically LIVE and CLICKABLE, like the ones on this page for instance, no need to ever copy and paste a link again. Plus it tells you if the link is dead or not on the filehost too. Without leaving the page.
Try it...rapidshare links checker

Remember ... if you want the FLAC of this, let me know in the comments ;)


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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bob Dylan & the Hawks - Hartford 30 Oct 1965 [FLAC] [bootleg]

Hello again.
I'm on a roll here it seems!

Today I bring you something a little different. Well, it's Bob Dylan so nothing different there but it's Dylan in his very early days, playing with a band, 'The Hawks'. which is actually 'The Band' as you will no doubt have heard before, only with a member missing and another added!
Go have a wee read here if you wish.

Further info on this recording is here and I highly recommend you go read it before downloading!
This is an audience recording and, as I just learned from that link, was recorded on a Woolworth's handheld tape recorder. Quality is not great. In fact it's not even 'good'.
It's distant, it's got noise, crackles and well ... don't be expecting to put this on CD and have a crystal clear sound. It isn't happening! Hehe.
However! This is great to listen to for many reasons.
The first being that you get the chance to sit in on a concert that would have been great to go to ... Dylan, in his formative years, singing some of those tracks that were bound to become huge and are now classics that we all know.
You can almost hear the songs taking shape before they grew into the songs we know today.
I wouldn't recommend a new Dylan fan to listen to this as they may not feel the magic that I feel when I hear it, but to anyone who is a fan and loves early Dylan, you MUST get this.
You will not be disappointed!

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Split Rar Archives] Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 or Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
Split Rars Alternative 1] Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 or Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.



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Friday, October 02, 2009

CARMEN (Bizet): Grace Bumbry, Kostas Paskalis, Jon Vickers, Mirella Freni Conducted by Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos.[FLAC]

Hello again!
More bloody opera I hear you say?
This is the version that came as part of the Audiobook set I posted already. It is different to the Maria Callas one and I recommend's great to compare too, hard to decide but my favourite has to be Callas just because I love her voice so much.
Mind you, after just typing that I felt that maybe I'm not being truthful to myself hehe! For when I listen to Grace Bumbry, on this version, her voice is beautiful too!
Oh I don't know. I'm not exactly an expert on this stuff.
I just listen to it and I know what sounds good.
This sounds good.
So if you didn't get the audiobook I already posted then do so now!
this is your chance to be inducted into the world of Opera!
A world you maybe thought you would never have an interest in?
Me too.
Now get the audiobook and the discs in this post too, then sit yourself down and have a listen.
Let the music take you on a journey and really allow yourself to hear it.

Some Details.
EAC Rip in FLAC with CUE & LOG Files
Total: 828 MB
Show recorded: 1970-71
Here is an excellent review of this one at amazon.

'... This 1969-1970 studio recording is a valuable recording all opera lovers and hardcore fans should own because it's the original Bizet concept- the Choudens score featuring spoken dialogue. This provides an immediate, realistic, visceral and verisimo quality to the opera, and Bizet wanted it that way. Carmen is not a pretty story. It's a dark, cynical tale about a liberate Gypsy woman who corrupts an innocent soldier/mama's boy who becomes so obscessed and possessive of her he kills her when she becomes unfaithful. Furthermore, the setting is the dangerous world of smugglers. The opera includes a nasty brawl in the cigarette factory, seduction and a murder. Yet, for all these things, we are treated with beautiful music where sex as power is the undercurrent and moreover, Death as Fate is the absolution. No wonder this was philosopher Friedrich Nietzche's favorite opera!! In this recording, we are blessed with the best possible interpretors of Carmen and Don Jose- Grace Bumbry and Jon Vickers. They have electricity coursing in their confrontation scenes, and genuine chemistry. Vickers portrays Don Jose as a strong but mentally unbalanced man, who is consumed by passion and jealousy. Grace Bumbry makes for a realistic Carmen. ...'

If EAC RIP Logs are of interest to you, check them out here: Disc 1, Disc 2.

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No password!

I hope you enjoy this one and ... if you do, leave a comment won't you.



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