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Friday, October 02, 2009

CARMEN (Bizet): Grace Bumbry, Kostas Paskalis, Jon Vickers, Mirella Freni Conducted by Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos.[FLAC]

Hello again!
More bloody opera I hear you say?
This is the version that came as part of the Audiobook set I posted already. It is different to the Maria Callas one and I recommend's great to compare too, hard to decide but my favourite has to be Callas just because I love her voice so much.
Mind you, after just typing that I felt that maybe I'm not being truthful to myself hehe! For when I listen to Grace Bumbry, on this version, her voice is beautiful too!
Oh I don't know. I'm not exactly an expert on this stuff.
I just listen to it and I know what sounds good.
This sounds good.
So if you didn't get the audiobook I already posted then do so now!
this is your chance to be inducted into the world of Opera!
A world you maybe thought you would never have an interest in?
Me too.
Now get the audiobook and the discs in this post too, then sit yourself down and have a listen.
Let the music take you on a journey and really allow yourself to hear it.

Some Details.
EAC Rip in FLAC with CUE & LOG Files
Total: 828 MB
Show recorded: 1970-71
Here is an excellent review of this one at amazon.

'... This 1969-1970 studio recording is a valuable recording all opera lovers and hardcore fans should own because it's the original Bizet concept- the Choudens score featuring spoken dialogue. This provides an immediate, realistic, visceral and verisimo quality to the opera, and Bizet wanted it that way. Carmen is not a pretty story. It's a dark, cynical tale about a liberate Gypsy woman who corrupts an innocent soldier/mama's boy who becomes so obscessed and possessive of her he kills her when she becomes unfaithful. Furthermore, the setting is the dangerous world of smugglers. The opera includes a nasty brawl in the cigarette factory, seduction and a murder. Yet, for all these things, we are treated with beautiful music where sex as power is the undercurrent and moreover, Death as Fate is the absolution. No wonder this was philosopher Friedrich Nietzche's favorite opera!! In this recording, we are blessed with the best possible interpretors of Carmen and Don Jose- Grace Bumbry and Jon Vickers. They have electricity coursing in their confrontation scenes, and genuine chemistry. Vickers portrays Don Jose as a strong but mentally unbalanced man, who is consumed by passion and jealousy. Grace Bumbry makes for a realistic Carmen. ...'

If EAC RIP Logs are of interest to you, check them out here: Disc 1, Disc 2.

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I hope you enjoy this one and ... if you do, leave a comment won't you.



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