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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Monks - Black Monk Time [1966] {{Stoner Collection #01}}

===-Stoner Music Collection Entry Number 001-===

Damn! All I had to do was post the album in position number one of the list I was telling you about in my last post. Just look at a list, get the album at the beginning of it, have a good few listens to said album, take the title etc of said album and, post it on the blog.
Well I somehow posted the wrong one!!!
The FIRST one in the list of Stoner Rock albums that everyone should hear (apparently) is...

The Monks - Black Monk Time (1966)
Well I must admit before going any further here, I had never heard this until today AND, I hadn't even heard of the band so ... if that makes me a shite music blogger with no idea about music then so be it.
In fact there's a few on the list that I haven't heard of so got a lot to look forward to.
I love discovering 'new' artists, that's what it's all about right?

This band are interesting.
I am a bit stuck on what tags I should be choosing to put this into a certain genre.
They don't fit too well in any to be honest. I know I can just cop-out and select 'stoner collection' and of course, 'rock' but It's deeper than that: On first listen to this album I was pretty mesmerised. The first track hits you right off the start with the pounding drumbeat. The vocals jump in with faint memories of 'The Doors' and the lyrics are quite cutting, referencing Vietnam and quite angry. A forward moving beat with some great organ behind it, Doors fans will start to feel pretty comfortable but ... don't get too comfortable!
There are a few surprising twists and turns on this record.
The second track, again, kicks off with the beat. Pounding drums and then it eases a bit when the organ creeps in to help it out and back it up...The organ isn't so much 'Doors' on this track as maybe early 'Floyd' - well, that is, if I MUST keep trying to compare this...which is a bad habit I have.
It's a very experimental song and I have to say I like it. :-)
A total gear change for the next track ... all 1 minute 26 seconds of it! I won't try to compare this track, it's just a cool surfy/garage rock tunes and again, it gets my thumbs up!
The same goes for most of the tracks on this. I can't say there is a track I really dislike. Perhaps a couple or three that would irritate me if I wasn't in the right frame of mind but all in all this is just a great piece of work and deserves to live in every collection!
I was pleasantly surprised to hear something very Syd Barret-ish too..see if you can spot what I'm talking about. It isn't difficult!
Later on there are obvious signs of 'surf rock' and more than a hint of The Beach Boys' thrown into the mix.
There are so many different styles and brilliantly arranged riffs in there that this album really is a classic and, as such deserves to appear on probably most lists or collections of music from the days before music went corporate! (When was that exactly?)
I regret not having heard or known of this until 2009 however, better late than never and now it's YOUR turn!

That is all.

Now go forth and listen.

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Hey ho I would have written more folks but I'm just feeling fuckered so I'll leaver it for now...
Do let me know what you think of this album, if you download it then an opinion would be interesting so leave a comment!

More soon ...

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