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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis: Bold as Love [1967] {{Stoner Collection #4}}

===-Stoner Music Collection Entry Number 004-===

Hello again.
Isn't it fucking COLD now!. At least in Southern england it is. I remember an American friend I used to know, he always laughed or took the piss whenever I said something like 'Southern England' or 'up North' as he said the country seemed so small to him that it didn't seem large enough to nominate anywhere as the south or the North part of it,. Well I disagree! Oh and if you know anything about British folk in general, you would know that they regard such names and designated areas highly. Nobody from the South would like to be mistaken for someone from the North. I'd say that the same goes for Northerners, they don't want to be Southerners either! There is a bit of a divide ... it's quite a topic and one I like to go on about sometimes but, I am guessing that you didn't come here to read about that.
At least if you are from outside the UK, you have learned a little factoid for the day!
As I was saying, it is COLD in the South! It went down to -4C last night and I can confirm it really felt like it.

So on with the show.
Next in the list is a band I really have no interest in and, to be honest I can't f*ckin' stand them.
The guitarist especially is weak and I feel he drags down the rest of the band into his scantily talented void of piss and wind. It took a lot of determination to listen to this abhorrent maudlin drivel to the end. In fact to be honest I didn't listen, I just had to stop it after 3 tracks.
I mean it's just outstandingly bad.
OK OK I just cannot continue with this.
I thought it would be novel to slag off what I consider to be one of the best bands ever but I just cannot do it.
This album is a defining moment in the history of music and has influenced so many others that to not see this, to not understand this and to not have listened to this ... well that would be criminal as well as awful.
Where do you start, trying to explain tracks like 'Spanish Castle Magic' or 'Little Wing'?!!
Little Wing is one of my all time loves let me just say.
Then you have the absolutely brilliant 'Castles Made of Sand' and then 'Bold as Love'?! The only possible way to understand these tracks is by hearing them!
The way these tracks make me feel is really hard to define.
I am stuck for words so if any of this is new to you, I urge you to listen now.

It's unoriginal but, I sometimes wonder, what Jimi Hendrix would have been if he hadn't died when he did?
I mean, how would his music have become, shaped by the years and the way the world has changed so dramatically since his death?
Would he still be setting fire to guitars?
I doubt it.
I think he would have become a wiser and possibly calmer, sage of a man. His talent would never leave him of course.
Maybe a bit of a David Gilmour but with harder balls. Hehe.
Make sure you have a listen ;)

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Well that be all for now fans.
Leave a friggin' comment or I may kill myself soon.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, man. Stay alive and keep blogging historical stuff! ;-)

I don't think that (still alive in some parallel universe) Jimi would ever be so slow and boring as Dave in his solo albums.

12/16/2009 04:57:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hehe yeah maybe in his solo albums but in his later 'oldie' days like now...Gilmour does some pretty good shit imo.
I'd love to go see him.
But no substitute for Jimi...
Oh well.
I was bo-ooorn, in the wrong decade..etc etc.
Thanks for the feedback mate, keeps me going :)

12/16/2009 10:28:00 pm  
Anonymous Fabio said...

This (your) blog kick ass brother,keep it going !!
I hope you're healthly right now, also wishing happy holydays for you and your family.

Cheers from my poor country Mexico :)

12/17/2009 01:38:00 am  
Blogger El Pirata Honrado said...

i guess that asking for the next step jimi would take if he would be still alive is a common place because of his music was changing by the time that he died. in his lasts recordings there were many possible paths arising... he was becoming more jazzy, some others say more funky... i really don't know, and i don't care... i guess that he did more at his 27 that the most of the mankind in a whole life. that's why i don't agree when they say that he died so young.
sorry for the bad english, it's not my mother language
greetings from argentina

12/23/2009 03:10:00 pm  
Anonymous chris said...

Nice piece, keep up the good work. There's going to be a Jimi Hendrix movie, there's more info here

12/29/2009 02:28:00 pm  

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