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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King [1969] {{Stoner Collection #11}}

===-Stoner Music Collection Entry Number 011-===

Hello my people.
I wonder if that's how Jesus called to his followers? In that case I should just change it to Hi!
I don't want to be resembling jesus, not today.
Not ever.

So whatever happened to that Stoner Music Collection you were posting HitMeWithIt you lazy no good sonovvabitch?!
So where the fuck is the next friggin' instalment then arsehole?
"Well I,'s here, I just need to ..."
Hurry it up shithead!

And here it is

This King Crimson album is a real classic. It means a lot to me due to it being around during the time I was experimenting with drugs, to a point that is - I never wanted to try chemical drugs, avoided coke and heroin and would never even consider things like crack...but I liked the so called 'natural' highs from various plants or mushrooms. I remember hearing this alvbum for the first time shortly after taking some Liberty Cap mushrooms when I was about 17.
It is even now, still difficult for me to put into words exactly what went on!!
After all these years I still struggle to convey the things and feelins I had that night and that this very album brought to my mind!
It takes you on a's an incredibly exciting and unpredictable journey get there in the end and you are all the more mature and better for having travelled!
There, and that is my so called review.

Oh and tiny update: I have been VERY ill recently, much worse than the usual moans I the site has been far from my mind as I deal with increased pain and weaning off steroids. that is the hard thing.
I'll try to bring the site more to life again when I feel my strength returning but, for now, it's whenever I can!
Thanks for supporting me by still dropping by whoever you are :)

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More when I can OK.

You know comments are always read with appreciation...say something!
Time for my medication..


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Blogger Saddle Magic said...

I hope this finds you well, thank you so much for all that you post for us. Feel better.

4/13/2010 04:51:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear what you've been going through and I wish you a swift and painless recovery (one can dream right?). I've been through something similar owing to severe Degenerative Spinal Disease - resulting in major painkillers (both opiates and weird nerve-based stuff like Lyrica) before and after they cut into my neck and drilled titanium screws to hold my decomposing neck vertebrae in place, etc. Numerous surgeries and zillions of useless doctors and physical therapist later I've finally made some improvement and the degeneration seems to have slowed to a manageable pace and I've been coming off Oxycontin and Lyrica - both of which I despise (if I was going to use drugs they would be the opposite sort but then that's why I don't use them at all) via Suboxone and now I've almost totally weaned off that. I still have pain but the levels now seem manageable to me and the absence of the horrific side effects more than offsets the remaining aching... 6 years later I'm almost back where I started - so it can happen though as you know it isn't easy. Anyway I wish you the best and keep up the great blog.

4/15/2010 04:32:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hello there Jane thanks a lot for your interesting comment.
What you have been through is just ... well I don't know what to say to be honest. It has been a total nightmare I am sure...must have been some real bad times when you didn't even want to bother carrying on I imagine. Like I was a few years ago when the crohns got so bad and I couldn't eat any more and lost so much weight that the next thing to go was my ability to get up from the bed, and it deteriorated from constant bloody pain too. That was a nightmare.
Yet your story, and mine, proves the strength of the human spirit and I find that a great inspiration when I find myself getting worse again.
I can't always rely on that to get me through but it does help!
I can totally relate to you regarding the painkilling medication. I am on the highest dose of Tramadol the Drs will give you in UK,. I also take a sleeping pill/anxiety drug throughout the daytime too, as well as one to help me sleep before bed also. So, during the course of this illness I have gone from being against 'chemical drugs' like you alluded to, to being someone who lives every moment under the influence of them,. I am an addict for sure but I cannot change that until there is a way of dealing with the pain.
I am always looking for a way and a plan though. I plan to do it as soon as I find the opportunity. If coming off high dose steroids and then trying this better, new drug called 'Adumilumab' makes me much better then I will then start the process of reducing the dependency drugs. The two I just mentioned I mean. Other things ?I take are for the gut and are not dependency making so they will be fine to stop.
I'm sorry you feel like you are almost back where you started :(. It IS good though that you say yoy feel it is more manageable now to you. You have become more enabled to deal with pain>?
I really do wish you all the best too my friend.
People take everything for too.
People like us, I find, aren't always quite so flippant. suffering makes you understand things about life.
Not always but I can't deny the effect illness has had on my personality and after I have been particularly unwell I always feel so grateful to be alive that I have this amazing lust and enjoyment for life...the most simple thing in the world like the wind on your face...a bird singing...can be seen as if for the first time. I notice life now where I don't think I did before.
Anyway I am rambling so I'll stop!
Take care,

4/23/2010 08:36:00 pm  
Blogger [R][R][R] said...

One of the best albums of the Rey Carmesí!

4/25/2010 10:04:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, man!

5/26/2010 09:32:00 am  

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