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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bob Marley - One Love Home Video DVD (Gold)

Hello people!
Just a really quick one for you.
This is an exclusive damn it!!!
There is some guy on youtube who, if you repost any of 'his' (he really does own the copyrights top these rare Bob Marley videos and he knows it!) rare Bob Marley DVDs or videos to youtube or anywhere, he makes out a report and claims copyright and, youtube or wherever remove it as he always is able to prove he really owns them.
Well as you can imagine that means you only get these where he releases them and on the understanding they go nowhere else and are NEVER EVER re encoded to lossy formats.

Well Bob would not agree methinks.
He would be so happy if these were copied and recopied and spread the world over in all or as many formats as people could need.

Spread that joy!!!

Hehe. Sorry I almost got carried away there.

Bob Marley - One Love Home Video DVD
This is an incredible bit of home video of Bob when he was really young. Some shots of him playing around a waterfall with friends and others of him doing some jamming with his acoustic in front of the camera. It comes from oldee stylee VHS and so the quality is poor but it is worth seeing if you like the guy at all..hehe

More details...I have to not copy and paste them directly...he probably searches google for the descriptions too..

Hmm I had to copy them after all as there is very little to discover!
Please click here if you want to read the info I found about this.

These links are long dead and gone.
I WILL find this online somewhere and post the links!!! January 2014 :)

And relax...thank you, a comment is always like a ray of sunshine to me miserable existence so please, don't be shy. Insults welcome too, I love a good fight!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Stranglers - Rattus Norvegicus AND No More Heroes [1977]

Life is a large turd, halfway down the pipe but sort of stuck in the U-Bend.
You are forever trying to prod it with a stick to get some clarity but you will never quite scrape the shit off until you really put some effort into it.

The new drug sucks.
I'm not going to dwell on it but take it from me, this is no way to get better!

The Stranglers! So I went off and I stood by my word. I listened to them. I listened and listened and then I watched a concert. Then another. Then another and another. I even watched them Live at the Royal Albert Hall, without the great lead singer of old though, playing with a ladies Orchestra wearing combats!
I found some great and rare stuff on the way and I think I can now truly say I KNOW The stranglers. I know how they have disbanded and evolved and changed over the years.
I know that after the second (third in some peoples' opinions...Hmm I'm undecided, it has some great tracks and some mush) they just ...went shit.
They did.

I can hardly listen to some of the shite that they have churned out over the years. I especially dislike their recent stuff.
If I could draw a line across their discography history and say when the best stuff was and when the worst was, I am afraid it wouldn't be very original and it does seem to be the most popular opinion: I would draw the line from now (shite) to their very first album (great!). It goes like a direct line from great to shit with no real turns or twists on the way.

I don't know how it can be.
They are a strange breed.
Not many bands do what they have done.
Most bands, with the talent they had/have would have made better and more solid tunes after such a start. I only say this as their first album is such a piece of creative expression, to me it's a work of art.
I'm being serious. I do think it's really that good. So it just seems ridiculous when I hear their fourth or their sixth album for instance...poor.
They got worse it seems.
Any ideas...?
I bring you then, in order of goodness, the two best Stranglers albums ever to exist and, sadly, ever likely to exist. there will be no more.
They will keep releasing stuff but, you will know what I mean after you listen..
Their first, a work of obvious Prog-Rock to my ears!
Who labelled this band 'punk'?
That is so off the mark as to be almost comical!!!
I mean, they don't even look the part of the punk bands that were around in the day they were walking about in their leather and suffering from weird gothic photo shoots that the likes of John Lydon would never have been seen in!

Gothic Photo Shoot not like anything The stranglers ever did...

The music is way off the scale of both ability and talent, as well as not being 'punk music' so I fail to see why or how they got such a genre shoved onto them when it just doesn't seem to fit well at all...
I always think of them as worthy of Prog rock as the likes of Caravan and Camel.. the real magicians at their craft.
When you listen to such tracks as 'Down in The Sewer' and when your ears hear, for the very first time, the grumbling bass-line introducing 'Goodbye Toulouse', you know you are witnessing something a bit special.
Something that amazes you.
Feel it.
It works.

The whole of the first album hits me that way. There are moments where it dips of course. I'm not saying it is a perfect record but it's about as close as it gets if you really let their music wash over you.
I am still only truly in love with this album. I am also posting the second but if I never got to hear it again and could only choose the first I would be very happy. :)
Here is their second which I hope you'll find to be a blaast. It isn't quite as much of a prog-rock sound, like Rattus Norvegicus was but still that magic is in there and you can hear it ;)
(Like that joint I just smoked...)

By the way this is 320K MP3 and it's the double CD Deluxe Version remastered (2009).
* * * * * * *

No password.

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Rar Archives]
Album No 1 (No More Heroes)
mediafireAlbum No 2 (Rattus Norvegicus)




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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Request Fill... David Gilmour & Roger Waters / Rizioule - R&M Eurojam.

Oliver the Cat likes to reach out and pat/punch my face for attention.
He's just too cool!

===-REQUEST FILLED! (Wow)-===

Hello. Today was suddenly back to illnmess land. I just cannot speculatye or predict what each day will be. And yesterday so good to!
But I just want to post this track that Padukes asked me if I could locate and, to my surprise there was only ONE source for it. A chinese site with a bit of a different downloading system to the usual.
Install their software, called RaySourse, which, when you find a raysource link anywhere, launches into action and tra-laa! The file downloads!
Amazing too is that it had no spyware or any crap. Some ads but was free. Doubt I will use it much unless I can find a search engine for RaySource links...

So the track Padukes asked about was the vaguely titled:
live! - pink floyd - david gilmore - roger waters - rizioule - r&m_eurojam
There are some spelling errors in there but, I got it and have listened and...
OK, it isn't exactly disturbing or shite
but it is rather nondescript to be honest.
It didn't 'move' me in the slightest.
Just a bit of your run-of-the-mill ambient background(Dare I say background) music!
Let me know what other opinions are on this, maybe I'm being unfair!


Oh, in the rar file this came in, were also some seemingly random tracks.. the names of which I just spent almost a damned HOUR trying to add my old customisation to windows 7. the right click 'Create FileList' entry! As usual Windows 7 tries to stop you doing things like this be done :)
So here's the result!
Enigma & Phil Collins & Pink Floyd - Sadness.Mp3
Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd - Stairway To Heaven.Mp3
Led Zeppelin And Pink Floyd - Whole Lotta Love On The Run.Mp3
Live! - Pink Floyd - David Gilmore - Roger Waters - Rizioule - R&M_Eurojam.Mp3
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Live With Trent Reznor And David Bowie).Mp3
Pink Floyd - With The Beatles On April 15, 1967_Very Rare.Mp3
Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb Live (Bootleg) Pearl Jam Cat Stevens Tool Bachman Turner Overdrive BTO Jewel Sting Rare Rock.Mp3
Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top, Rush, The Moody Blues, ElP, The Who, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, - Little Wing (Rare Bootleg).Mp3

Want me to upload those too?
Little Wing sounds cool..
And that my friends is that.
For today.
Go easy: bad day today, so good day tomorrow right?!
Either way you get an album for the weekend OK.
So be here, tomorrow!
Ciao for now.


Any Questions?

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Still alive :)

Hello folks.
I commend you on still hanging around to have had some notification of this post. Or maybe there really is no one here except me?!!
Would it matter?
Of course it fucking would!
You think I do this for finger exercise?
If no one was going to read or download any music I had thought was worthy of being introduced to, I wouldn't bother with this. I haven't updated for so long for health reasons, you may have guessed that.

It is not only physical ability, when I am so spaced and weak with illness that I cannot think of much more than pain and trying to eat enough calories every day to stop weight loss, then writing on here about music is just too far away from where my mind is. It is a struggle and so you end up with how the posts were becoming for awhile - short, no comment on the music, just an album cover and some links more or less.
There's loads of sites like that so I don't want to do that here. I used to have a laugh and post some rants but when I'm so ill it's hard to come out of the bubble of pain it gets you into.
so now you know then eh. Pain hits you hard and chronic, that is long term constant pain is a real bastardo.

I've been getting into The Stranglers - Rattus_Norvegicus album again lately, they are supreme!
The way the bass guitar sounds is like a can almost see the strings on that thing rattling on the guitar so low and growling. Brilliant sound!
I'll post it up here tomorrow.
anyway got to go try sleep now, just thought it was time to post about this shit.
The new drug they put me on - it worked, then it faded, then it worked a little, then it faded, then i got worse, then it worked a little, then it hardly worked at all when i had it, and now?
It seems to have worked this time. I take it every two weeks and every time has given a different result as you can see.
It's overall not fun :/
Tomorrow is another day though :)

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