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Monday, February 07, 2011


It never does only friggin' rain they say don't they?
It pours...
Wow. Here I am trying to get through this steroid dependency withdrawal - of which I am now down to 6mg daily from a start of 12mg! - and then my hard drive just ..STOPS.
Not a whisper.

I was typing, I heard a click (that good old click of death! and then the screen froze. Oh well usual XP crap I thought, reboot..
Upon reboot I got the black screen telling me:
'Disk Read Error', 'Press Ctrl+ALT+DEL To Restart'.
I was only slightly losing my mind by this point...

I remembered the best way to fix this situation and there really is only ONE possible chance at retrieving data or getting the hard drive back into a working state for long enough to grab some files(I back up but hadn't for a month and so quite a few photographs and files were doomed).
Get a copy you will not regret it!
I found my disc and put it immediately found what it called 'Defective sectors'... errors that it could recover data from and errors that it couldn't recover data from. It wasn't looking good but I decided to go with Spinrite and put it on top level recovery setting which then told me it had 'only' 312 hours left to go!!!
I left it running all weekend and then it had changed its expected time to a better one and by yesterday it was finished(almost 3 days)!
I rebooted the PC and..
Here I am using it again!
Windows came back on, everything works fine and...I got to upload all my files to my online backup so crisis averted!!
The thing is I NEED a new hard drive of course.
Any offers?

Maybe it's time for something nice after all that moaning...

I really must try to go to Formula 1 some day. Not sure why they have these women walking around the place but I won't complain...

I think I may have discovered a new sport I like!
Woman's Basketball anyone...?

Looks like a real fun day out!

So where the hell is the music damn it?
I don't know...I only just got back online ... give me a minute!
Oh and lately I realised that hotfile isn't the best one to use ... they delete files too easily if they get a wee complaint. I will be using megaupload mainly from now on and possibly another site if it's asked for...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news that your disk is recovered. Anyway, you better change it for a new one. There are clone tools, like Ghost od Acronis that will transfer byte-by-byte everything from the old to the new disk. You can boot then from the new one (remove the old one, though).

And yes, backup more often. :-)

2/07/2011 10:58:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hehe yes, you are right...back up can never be done too often and 'two backup copies is?'
(Only 3 gives full redundancy apparently hehe)
Amazingly, not ONE file has been so far inaccessible!
I have now completed copying cover the whole of my personal folders and all my photos which only had the last month or so new pics not backed up, the rest were ok... so spinrite is magic!
New 1TB drive should be here soon...managed to get it pretty cheap :)

2/08/2011 10:24:00 pm  

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